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  • Worthy and radius together that’s op

    Retro BaloogaRetro Balooga25 kun oldin
  • You are good

    Elizabeth TarrantElizabeth Tarrant29 kun oldin
  • hey who were the winners of the giveaway fresh

  • Freshyy

    GT JellieGT JellieOy oldin
  • i use your code

    boy Genieboy GenieOy oldin
  • FRESH IS THE BEST UZworld EVER!!!!!!!!

    FN FusionFN FusionOy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • If I do five of the give away stuff do I still enter the giveaway

    2K 2LIT2K 2LITOy oldin
  • 3:05 fresh is fisting everyone

    GMZ_RogueRaptorGMZ_RogueRaptorOy oldin
  • Day 3 of asking Fresh to say *"What's up guys, no"*

    Jac0b 0n Xb0xJac0b 0n Xb0xOy oldin
  • I love you im forés NEBEG

    Nebeg Khaled RafikNebeg Khaled RafikOy oldin
  • What up

    G dog RogersG dog RogersOy oldin
  • Reeee

    G dog RogersG dog RogersOy oldin
  • Omg the first bit lazar is a cat scratching everyone

    G dog RogersG dog RogersOy oldin
  • Xbox

    Luke KashmierLuke KashmierOy oldin
  • Fresh is ceo of: what’s up guys yes

    Yellows FnYellows FnOy oldin
  • i watched this live lazar was carrying u

    Marwan ParkarMarwan ParkarOy oldin
  • Fresh is soo good with the gualents and it has aim bot

    GamingWithJack LiGamingWithJack LiOy oldin
  • PLS fresh bring back your old intro

    RAGYRAGYOy oldin
  • Give me a PS5

    SimperBTWSimperBTWOy oldin

    GMR mastergamerGMR mastergamerOy oldin
  • Fresh what’s your favorite color

    Christopher MarraChristopher MarraOy oldin
  • Hi

    Harley EatonHarley EatonOy oldin
  • code Ali- A no code fresh

    Ean MaciasEan MaciasOy oldin
  • Fresh can u come to India and give me A PS5

    Ronita BhatiaRonita BhatiaOy oldin
  • Goat level

    1 Bloodysage1 BloodysageOy oldin
  • Im the first one who upvoted this on reddit :)

    DBPlayz!DBPlayz!Oy oldin
  • Fgteev

    kayla zakkayla zakOy oldin
  • I love how you edited it so that it only showed your kills and not mccreamy and mau's lmao

    yusuf mussayusuf mussaOy oldin
  • Hi

    Carolina PerezCarolina PerezOy oldin
  • tik tok is banned i my country

    tgrslyr07tgrslyr07Oy oldin
  • Lazy beam and fresh awat

    Eqx_ TaeEqx_ TaeOy oldin
  • When did you start playing? Chapter 1 : Like Chapter 2 : Reply

    FramessFramessOy oldin
  • yay now i can enter the givaway

  • Do you do fak

    Mrmuffin 99kMrmuffin 99kOy oldin
  • Do you mema

    Mrmuffin 99kMrmuffin 99kOy oldin
  • I love this guys vids man he’s the best

    Riftz EuRiftz EuOy oldin
  • dead game

    Ttv YumminsTtv YumminsOy oldin
  • Omg🇱🇧❤️💙♥️💜😂

    Ghinwa DanachGhinwa DanachOy oldin
  • Imagine he replys

  • I want to win the ps5 bc i play on iPhone so I in season 3 I want to play I'm Seasone 4

    ruisavage savageruisavage savageOy oldin
  • Code fresh

    Skully TechSkully TechOy oldin
  • I missed the intro

    Zincster gamingZincster gamingOy oldin
  • Hi

    Fredy BonillaFredy BonillaOy oldin
  • Oppiste day to fresh: Fresh:WhAtS Up GuYs No

    Taela LaneTaela LaneOy oldin
  • I Love your videos

    hannah sullivanhannah sullivanOy oldin
  • What’s up guys

    Angel KiotoAngel KiotoOy oldin
  • petition for FRESH to say "Whats up guys... no"

    AllYouTubeGamingAllYouTubeGamingOy oldin
  • day 50 of waiting for fresh to say wats up guys no

    A.kA.kOy oldin

    Matas KalasauskasMatas KalasauskasOy oldin
  • RIP lazerbeam

    frazycrazyffrazycrazyfOy oldin
  • I saw a bit of this on tik tok

    frazycrazyffrazycrazyfOy oldin
  • Thanks for the ps5 and the xbox

    Chad LillingtonChad LillingtonOy oldin
  • The one day that fresh says 'whatsupp guys and NO'

    Donuts GamingDonuts GamingOy oldin
  • hi you wont see dis tho

    L1KED FreshL1KED FreshOy oldin
  • Hi

    Gerardo ReyesGerardo ReyesOy oldin
  • broh im beging my mom and dad for a ps5

    Agis KaçuriAgis KaçuriOy oldin
  • Hi

    Sequoia GamingSequoia GamingOy oldin
  • You mean subs dude

    mondix audio vlog lmondix audio vlog lOy oldin
  • Andrea hijo e igual a hlnv

    Andrea AlbaAndrea AlbaOy oldin
  • i really want that ps5

    Tina KatsarosTina KatsarosOy oldin
  • Who else want to play with fresh

    Neetha MaroliNeetha MaroliOy oldin
  • Hey fresh i watch you alot and i did all the steps i hope i can get the ps5 saty safe!

    Ruth MonareRuth MonareOy oldin
  • Fresh I’m a fan and I love your videos. I’m entering the giveaway bc my mom doesn’t have a lot of money

    Xsero OngamesXsero OngamesOy oldin
  • day 37 of waiting Fresh to say: what's up guys, no

    Phillipp RiccitelliPhillipp RiccitelliOy oldin
  • Could I get the xbox

    Grady StewartGrady StewartOy oldin
  • lazar isn't really good

    SeME FNSeME FNOy oldin
  • 1st round your a beast like all of the round

    Amal KamaraAmal KamaraOy oldin
  • No one can beat the meme father and son

  • DAY 1000000000000000000 of whatsup guys YES

    Ej KoshEj KoshOy oldin
  • Fresh: I beat lachy Me:cap

    Tridb TsdjiiTridb TsdjiiOy oldin
  • Plz ps5

    Ben HaberBen HaberOy oldin
  • Fresh is the best

    charlotte Moriartycharlotte MoriartyOy oldin
  • I downloaded Instar to get a nother vote and I'm not aloud instar

    Family EmailFamily EmailOy oldin
  • Did u decide who ur partner was

    Zenga CDZenga CDOy oldin
  • wats up guys,yes

    matbtwmatbtwOy oldin
  • Tell laserbeam I want to play with him

    Ashley RedpathAshley RedpathOy oldin
    • He aint

      Brandon RichardsBrandon RichardsOy oldin
  • Can I have a PlayStation five

    Ashley RedpathAshley RedpathOy oldin
  • Your my farvoraite youtuber

    Hudo SHudo SOy oldin
  • I finished all ten entries all to do now is pray i win

    NbD_AlaN XNbD_AlaN XOy oldin
  • you should do a video were you just rage

    Lil TurtleLil TurtleOy oldin
  • Fresh I was trying to complete the giveaway thing and when every single time when I do the discord one it resets! can you tell me what to do if I can't complete, pls

    Zhanibek AbilkaiyrZhanibek AbilkaiyrOy oldin
    • I dont think he ever reads the comments

      Ricky Gaming AnimationsRicky Gaming AnimationsOy oldin
  • Lazerbeam is throwing

    the goated gamersthe goated gamersOy oldin
  • Plsss do a video where u have ur face showing

    Soli PSoli POy oldin
  • fresh i whatch all your vids you are so good and i check everything els out like Ingram twitter and more

    Olivia ZenonosOlivia ZenonosOy oldin
  • They versed the same people like 3 times

    Dylan JonesDylan JonesOy oldin
    • @Dylan Jones I think it was only certain content creators they were playing lol

      Brandon RichardsBrandon RichardsOy oldin
    • @Brandon Richards it’s funny because they won every time against the same people

      Dylan JonesDylan JonesOy oldin
    • Ye and

      Brandon RichardsBrandon RichardsOy oldin
  • i did every step to join the giveaway hopefully i will win

    16 Zaid Alriahi 7A16 Zaid Alriahi 7AOy oldin
  • im saving for a ps5

    Archie McKechnieArchie McKechnieOy oldin
  • Hi

    Jason BadiozzamaniJason BadiozzamaniOy oldin
  • Day 2 of waiting for him to say “what’s up guys the sky”

    Clare BreannaClare BreannaOy oldin
  • I thought he’s not gonna play until the next season

    Adrian MikhaelAdrian MikhaelOy oldin
  • I thought creamy stop playing Fortnite

    Adrian MikhaelAdrian MikhaelOy oldin
  • great stuff

    Avil GeorgescuAvil GeorgescuOy oldin
  • ay sk lad from mounty st8 from mount druiit love bra

    Aso enokaAso enokaOy oldin
  • Yo fresh huge fan btw

    Jonah SmithJonah SmithOy oldin
  • I want the PS5 pl

    Raised SalsaRaised SalsaOy oldin
  • Day 5 of asking fresh to pin me

    e 2010e 2010Oy oldin
  • What is up guys NO

    Hammy SloanHammy SloanOy oldin
  • Fresh i just love your vids, thier just so better than muselk,lachlan,mau,mcreamy and others

    Captain ARSHANCaptain ARSHANOy oldin
    • 😍

      Captain ARSHANCaptain ARSHANOy oldin
    • Love your vids and u are my fav

      Captain ARSHANCaptain ARSHANOy oldin
  • Lannan: I just CLAP can’t believe that thats so CLAP stupid CLAP stupid I cant CLAP believe that. 😂

    TyTystickTyTystickOy oldin