$20 VS $1100 Setup (PAY TO WIN)

10-Noy, 2020
3 389 408 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • wtf is ur mouse pad🤣🤣

    Ninja vlad REC.Ninja vlad REC.2 soat oldin
  • Change you UZworld name to FreshThePickle

    Punmile LawPunmile Law5 soat oldin
  • This is why I don’t play on Oceania servers

    AudreyBirdAudreyBird8 soat oldin

    Kysa ToddKysa Todd11 soat oldin
  • what is the editing program

    Jack AnticJack Antic12 soat oldin
  • For a guy who doesn't do montages he knows how to do them😂.

    Nurasiah EntingNurasiah Enting17 soat oldin
  • Fresh get’s win on $20 setup: MEANWHILE: can’t even get one win with a $2000 setup

    MaxL CoolMaxL Cool17 soat oldin
  • 1

    Bjarte HustavnesBjarte Hustavnes20 soat oldin
  • Wow

    Mr pancake Is a savageMr pancake Is a savage20 soat oldin
  • My boi got dem dollar store headphones 😂

    CT BeastCT BeastKun oldin
  • Fresh: trash set up. Me: looks at his fps Me again: 260 so trash.

    Tc KabotapsTc KabotapsKun oldin
  • Your edits would be better if you not put your voice in it

    Vanja TrajkoskiVanja TrajkoskiKun oldin
  • He can be on the cheapest set up and he’s still better then me on a expensive set up

    2storm3 TTV2storm3 TTVKun oldin
  • Yo fresh I’m also in Australia

    Mo BakerMo BakerKun oldin
  • you are soo noob

    Fatih ChavdarovFatih Chavdarov2 kun oldin
  • What is that cyan mouse called?

    Merrissa WoolstonMerrissa Woolston2 kun oldin
  • Visual sound effects aren't for death people I use visual sound effects

    Caiden WrightCaiden Wright2 kun oldin
  • this is a big ball man for landing stark

    PsychologicalPsychological2 kun oldin
  • In my book, fresh is the best player in the world :)

    Lil’ Gamer WyattLil’ Gamer Wyatt2 kun oldin
  • i use visual sounds and im not deaf

    Patrick ConwayPatrick Conway2 kun oldin
  • Fresh: my ilim got yonk Me:he didn’t even damage him

    Youi Gamer2010Youi Gamer20102 kun oldin
  • Yoo bro face reveal

    Aruna NellutlaAruna Nellutla3 kun oldin
  • 7:17 “my elim got yoinked” he says and he’s the third party lol 😂

    JuiceManOneJuiceManOne3 kun oldin
  • My normal setup is $20, and I don’t have headphones😭

    Jasper CollinsJasper Collins3 kun oldin
  • Iam use 100$ setup and sou good

    Jakob LapornikJakob Lapornik3 kun oldin
  • What's up guys, yes!

    NightmareWasTakenNightmareWasTaken3 kun oldin
  • You are actually better than typical gamer Those unnecessary edits do the trick

    Kezia FordeKezia Forde3 kun oldin
  • My setup is $25 (aud) I got it from the reject shop as “gaming keyboard” and “gaming mouse” they are actually good

    CoolKobi457CoolKobi4573 kun oldin
  • Fresh you should make more montages but with less words 😂😂😂

    Leonel SantamariaLeonel Santamaria3 kun oldin
  • me on my normal set up fresh on a 20$ and still better than me

    Xander SwiftXander Swift3 kun oldin
  • Me with my $550 setup

    Abel de BonoAbel de Bono3 kun oldin
  • Hand Cam ?

    Stuart BushStuart Bush3 kun oldin
  • Me with my 1 dollar setup

    Braxton's AdventuresBraxton's Adventures3 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice his free mouse pad

    OXy- Steven9120OXy- Steven91203 kun oldin
  • hi big fan you inspier me

    Alfie PaddisonAlfie Paddison3 kun oldin
  • “POPPIN’ EDITS, MISSIN’ SHOTS!” -Fresh 2020

    The 120iMSportBoiThe 120iMSportBoi3 kun oldin
  • Dude a 50 dollar gaming keyboard, mouse and headset works as well as a 1000 dollar one.

    Alexander KowalskiAlexander Kowalski4 kun oldin
  • You like your dad kissing crane

    Olo SkitiOlo Skiti4 kun oldin
  • whoo watching this in 2025

    Denetra BrownDenetra Brown4 kun oldin
  • Try without a mousepad...

    snappingyak9002 asnappingyak9002 a4 kun oldin
  • My username is Sandezon 2

    Mason FordMason Ford4 kun oldin
  • Can you add me

    Mason FordMason Ford4 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of trying to get fresh to reply

    Skybeam 124Skybeam 1244 kun oldin
  • I guess the 1000 dollar 1 was better

    u a godu a god4 kun oldin
  • Yeah not having side buttons suck and the 20 dollar headset suck too put really theyr just the same cause if the pc

    u a godu a god4 kun oldin
  • It didn't really make a difference since he was playing on a amazing pc

    u a godu a god4 kun oldin
  • I have covid

    David BaldoDavid Baldo4 kun oldin
  • I will have use code Fresh

    Chris RogersonChris Rogerson4 kun oldin
  • Anyone here when COVID is gone

    ZakgraalZakgraal4 kun oldin
  • Who is watching in season 6

    XlimelemonsXlimelemons4 kun oldin
  • 4:54 out of breath lol

    Nick 1790Nick 17904 kun oldin
  • Use code fresh

    ismail yasirismail yasir5 kun oldin
  • Who here likes basically every vaulted gun? If you do, like the comment! And i wanna get as many likes as possible because there's a new gamemode called unvaulted and it has only vaulted guns and heals. I want fresh and lazar to play it! Oh, and use code fresh and code lazar.

    panel qwopsadpanel qwopsad5 kun oldin
  • "$20 setup" The $2000 pc, "am i a joke to you?"

    xd_yeet5569xd_yeet55695 kun oldin
  • is sad that he doesnt count pc

    BL1TZKR13GBL1TZKR13G5 kun oldin
  • my setup is $150

    Cody WheelerCody Wheeler5 kun oldin
  • Warning clickbait⚠️❗️ (Didn’t actually spend 1100

    Mr. GoPro FlipsMr. GoPro Flips5 kun oldin
  • what song

    Bean Lord2Bean Lord25 kun oldin
  • Those baby headphones kinda cute tho

    bixxiqbixxiq5 kun oldin
  • Song name?

    Riley NicholRiley Nichol5 kun oldin
  • tour voice is same like tommynit

    PlocamTVPlocamTV5 kun oldin
  • how could he hear from blue house

  • he sounds like Lazerbeam if he rage

    deadpool brendan0deadpool brendan06 kun oldin

    Hugo SearleHugo Searle6 kun oldin
  • Freshes goal for 2021 welcome back no

    Pushy LokiPushy Loki6 kun oldin
  • Wow fresh almost died to fall damage again

    Futuredragon898 is me CoolFuturedragon898 is me Cool6 kun oldin
  • Lol that keyboard looks exactly like mine but mines white and I got if got about $20 😂😅

    Andrea MayhewAndrea Mayhew6 kun oldin
  • I have a 7000 dollar setup

    Putra KasraifPutra Kasraif6 kun oldin
  • imagine being a lucrative content creator and using a SteelSeries keyboard

    Connor DodsonConnor Dodson6 kun oldin
    • @Henry Batty not compared a custom built keyboard that is better in every way

      Connor DodsonConnor Dodson4 kun oldin
    • The Apex Pro is good

      Henry BattyHenry Batty4 kun oldin
  • It triggered me because I’m deag

    lil Yodalil Yoda6 kun oldin
    • Deaf

      lil Yodalil Yoda6 kun oldin
  • the montage would be better with just the music it just kinda feels like a stream lol

    Vaxis542Vaxis5427 kun oldin
  • Fresh please join gost

    Gaming Amjad NanaaGaming Amjad Nanaa7 kun oldin
  • I have the same keyboard btw, it’s rly nice. 🤣

    Cambeast22 YTCambeast22 YT7 kun oldin
  • 6 millon subs 1 day later 7 milions subs lol 🤣🤣

    Aziz MiahAziz Miah7 kun oldin
  • Have face cam please

    A.C AgriA.C Agri8 kun oldin
  • R.I.P. pump

    Craig WalkerCraig Walker8 kun oldin
  • Cracked at the end

    Random GamerRandom Gamer8 kun oldin
  • @UCOV9BQ6tLz1hCkoky5hlZWA

    BERK DoggBERK Dogg8 kun oldin
  • There the best

    Joshua BarneyJoshua Barney8 kun oldin
  • I like all your vids

    Joshua BarneyJoshua Barney8 kun oldin
  • What's the name of that song in the montage

    X ReidX Reid8 kun oldin
  • More money = better product Fresh- OMG GUYS PAY TO WIN

    Liam HainesLiam Haines8 kun oldin
  • Me with the €86 setup

    Μηχαλης ΚαρμιρηςΜηχαλης Καρμιρης9 kun oldin
  • Fresh your such an inspiration

    Macaully BishopMacaully Bishop9 kun oldin
  • 5000 setup sorry

    fortnite _ clipsfortnite _ clips9 kun oldin
  • I have a 1500 dollar setup 3000 dollar pc 1000 dollar keyboard 900 dollar mouse 10 dollar mouse

    fortnite _ clipsfortnite _ clips9 kun oldin
  • What happened to the freshman giveaway!

    Ronnet GamingRonnet Gaming9 kun oldin
  • Ww

    Sherwyn PatelSherwyn Patel10 kun oldin
  • LOL

    Manjinder KaurManjinder Kaur10 kun oldin
  • Of course it’s pay to win 🤦‍♂️

    DrlwblDrlwbl10 kun oldin
  • 10:30 sweat mode on

    will iamwill iam10 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Captain SamuraiCaptain Samurai11 kun oldin
  • i have a 1$ setup

    lyneth pipinolyneth pipino11 kun oldin
  • wtf is the montage song called lowkey fire

    Luke HallLuke Hall11 kun oldin
    • Ikr I'm trying to figure out the same thing

      X ReidX Reid8 kun oldin
  • Who wants to see fresh do more unless asset edits?

    cmaccarocmaccaro11 kun oldin
  • You should use a cheap monitor

    cmaccarocmaccaro11 kun oldin
  • Fresh is wrong in usd $$ his setup is 745$ in usd

    Salt TexSalt Tex11 kun oldin
  • U did not try on the first set up

    BentleybugBentleybug11 kun oldin
  • FaZe Fresh?

    General Lees RuleGeneral Lees Rule11 kun oldin
  • hi fresh

    Nakievia WaltonNakievia Walton11 kun oldin