AMONG US Impostor with my dad... (5000IQ)

20-Okt, 2020
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  • that was good

    TGS X VisionZzTGS X VisionZz16 soat oldin
  • 4:16 was hard to watch

    Gavin NottGavin NottKun oldin
  • i love fresh

    James McCoyJames McCoy4 kun oldin
  • Wait okay I just started watching this channel so is fresh actually lazers son

    Andrea PomerantzAndrea Pomerantz4 kun oldin
  • Funny as fock hahahahah

    Play4saysPlay4says5 kun oldin
    • Hahahah

      Play4saysPlay4says5 kun oldin
  • Wheres fortnite

    Landon FloresLandon Flores8 kun oldin
  • Fresh dad watching this be like 👁💧👄💧👁

    Maceys LoopsMaceys Loops8 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Jacob PerezJacob Perez9 kun oldin
  • Among us tv

    Syria alassadSyria alassad11 kun oldin
  • Lazar what is he doing

    Elijah SaavedraElijah Saavedra12 kun oldin
  • “Wassup guys a’yess”

    Clinton LoweryClinton Lowery13 kun oldin
  • no one Among us videos: %50000000 imposter plays

    Jayden DanetJayden Danet13 kun oldin
  • I love how good he is a fortnite but so bad at every other game

    Hank SnellHank Snell13 kun oldin
  • lazar was a good boi

    Nate VNate V14 kun oldin
  • I came here to turn of lights🤔

    Ambika BaggaAmbika Bagga15 kun oldin
  • omg i just searched up is fresh actually lazarbeams son it said yes and all that stuff mrfreshy boy is it true

    OntoOnyxisOntoOnyxis15 kun oldin
  • hi i can take youtubers accounts

    Leobardo NunezLeobardo Nunez16 kun oldin
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    neowoobneowoob16 kun oldin
    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

      Amanda ByrneAmanda Byrne15 kun oldin
  • you ar good

    Bobby CavillBobby Cavill16 kun oldin
  • WHAT’S UP GUYS YES......

    W-KeyW-Key17 kun oldin
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    Zemlak IsmaelZemlak Ismael17 kun oldin
  • Frickedy fresh

    002 x Hirto002 x Hirto17 kun oldin
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    F ZoneF Zone17 kun oldin
  • I am in FaZe clan I am FaZe Rex

    Kawsar AhmedKawsar Ahmed17 kun oldin
  • Fun fact the human IQ can't surpass 300 Among Us Tubers: Shut

    PotatoWeeb_PotatoWeeb_18 kun oldin
  • Lazer has more subs but Fresh gets more likes

    ABX RealABX Real18 kun oldin
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    Leighton KempfLeighton Kempf19 kun oldin
  • I love your video’s

    WesWes19 kun oldin
  • Where's faze jarvis

    Big Benji BongoBig Benji Bongo20 kun oldin
  • Technically, LACHY introduced Lannan to Fresh, so Lachy should be his dad.

    OakzOakz20 kun oldin
    • @bruvvツ noice

      OakzOakz17 kun oldin
    • We got the same picture

      bruvvツbruvvツ17 kun oldin
    • Fuck no

      ItsJayJay GamingItsJayJay Gaming17 kun oldin
    • No just plain old no

      EllsElls18 kun oldin
    • True

      Muneera Ebrahim AbdullaMuneera Ebrahim Abdulla18 kun oldin
  • Fresh you know you can just adjust the kill size too far

    Sammy DoolanSammy Doolan20 kun oldin
  • 25000k

    TTVTTV20 kun oldin
  • 11:09 😂

    Kenneth PeraltaKenneth Peralta20 kun oldin
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  • J

    Harley DugdaleHarley Dugdale21 kun oldin
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    Yeezy 700Yeezy 70021 kun oldin
  • this is so competitive and serious but i’d just rage

    skatergirlzskatergirlz22 kun oldin

    Talib AlshaekhleyTalib Alshaekhley22 kun oldin
  • Bro fresh why do you always call lazar your dad

    Barron WalkerBarron Walker22 kun oldin
  • I see 6.99mil 👏

    Noah DeaconNoah Deacon23 kun oldin
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    Bilal MusaBilal Musa23 kun oldin
  • day 1,000,000 of waiting for fresh to say: whats up guys no

    Jkfor Gaming OFFICIALJkfor Gaming OFFICIAL25 kun oldin
  • code fresh in fortnite store

    wafflewaffle25 kun oldin
  • You did it father and sun

    Sienna ClarksonSienna Clarkson25 kun oldin
    • Son lmao

      lil_lucid_boylil_lucid_boy24 kun oldin
  • i am so surprised the last match every body there was sus of you

    Elijah EddingsElijah Eddings25 kun oldin
  • What THICK win at the end

    Hannah PhilbrookHannah Philbrook26 kun oldin
  • 900000IG

    Ann Louise YoungAnn Louise Young26 kun oldin
  • 7:25

    Caroline HCaroline H26 kun oldin
  • 11:55 I am dam impostor

    Lisa ScottLisa Scott26 kun oldin
  • Best duo

    Dev Aryan SharmaDev Aryan Sharma26 kun oldin
  • The best imposter in the world

    Olivia HemmingsOlivia Hemmings27 kun oldin
  • When I play that everytime I say it s person and it be me that vote ne out😣😫😓

    queen_ ayana215queen_ ayana21527 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy yall

    queen_ ayana215queen_ ayana21527 kun oldin
  • 400000000iq u mean

    Black MizBlack Miz27 kun oldin
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    scibold maritascibold marita27 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Giovanni MirandaGiovanni Miranda27 kun oldin
  • god damn

    Sandeep KolwalkarSandeep Kolwalkar27 kun oldin
  • bro how

    Sandeep KolwalkarSandeep Kolwalkar27 kun oldin
  • Lazarbeam is like 500000000 iq

    Klaus BudaKlaus Buda27 kun oldin
  • Fresh is good at fortnite so why not faze fresh

    Ben and leslie Perry'sBen and leslie Perry's27 kun oldin
  • Rip

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy28 kun oldin
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    Avaiz3 Vazquezwwi72Avaiz3 Vazquezwwi7228 kun oldin
  • 2 months

    7eleven fuzzy7eleven fuzzy28 kun oldin
  • Freash: Impostor twice lets go!! Me: Crewmate 10000000000th time lets go i can get voted out FOR NO REASON

    Isaac HopkinsIsaac Hopkins28 kun oldin
    • Spelt fresh wrong

      GHX_ JxsephGHX_ Jxseph27 kun oldin
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    Brian GonzalesBrian Gonzales28 kun oldin
  • Faze fresh

    Jacob ChezemJacob Chezem28 kun oldin
  • Subscribe

    Sullythemeatball2Sullythemeatball228 kun oldin
  • Well done fresh and lannan 😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁

    Manisha GehiManisha Gehi28 kun oldin
  • are u really lannans son or are u just adopted

    Edward HutchersonEdward Hutcherson29 kun oldin
  • 5:13 is so sad

    David DelFiandraDavid DelFiandra29 kun oldin
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    kayla kartskayla karts29 kun oldin
  • turn on lights not turn off lights

    Aleksa PeruškoAleksa Peruško29 kun oldin
  • No I’m not the imposter

    Kara DamoriKara Damori29 kun oldin
  • My New Religion

    Michael CopeMichael CopeOy oldin
  • Kid fresh-dady Fresh-mr beam

    ft foxy foxytennft foxy foxytennOy oldin
  • I helped you on subs I went on among us and pretended to be you so I got you subs :)

    Theo BuckleTheo BuckleOy oldin
  • says dad: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! says lazer: BRUH WHAT???????

    Thomas MoutonThomas MoutonOy oldin
  • i never knew lazar beam WAS your dad?!

    Maria yasmin LopezMaria yasmin LopezOy oldin
  • 5:19

    Pranaav MistryPranaav MistryOy oldin
  • fresh 5000000000 iq

    Alexandru MatyasiAlexandru MatyasiOy oldin
  • Fresh: scared of Slicker Lazar: Fuck you slicker

    Juancarlos CervantesJuancarlos CervantesOy oldin
  • Yo

    Pct DerekPct DerekOy oldin
  • uH yEs

    wyatt koppwyatt koppOy oldin

    Mr DemonMr DemonOy oldin
  • Hey freshly boy

    TTVborderytbtwTTVborderytbtwOy oldin
  • 183K dislikes!!!!!!!!:)

    Tyler JohnsonTyler JohnsonOy oldin
  • Dude your a pro

    Crazy Pokémon ManCrazy Pokémon ManOy oldin
  • I feel bad for adept😔

    Hamdan alameriHamdan alameriOy oldin
    • Hi sisters James charels here soooooo to day we are going to do makeup But but with makeup cheez

      Hamdan alameriHamdan alameriOy oldin
    • Yea🥺

      Hamdan alameriHamdan alameriOy oldin
  • lazar died a happy life

    The_FrenchFrieThe_FrenchFrieOy oldin
  • I love ur video's keep up the good work but yeah I wish I can 1v1 u one day u good but in better practice and good luck u going to need or me don't no one will stand and will fall good luck I'm on my mom phone btw liy that mean'si love u nohomo that's no gay stuff but yeah '

    Diva TeeDiva TeeOy oldin
  • Did someone hear fresh say turn off lights

    Saif AlsalamiSaif AlsalamiOy oldin
  • Hi fresh you are my favourite UZworld channel I always watch your videos people do not be rude to anybody fresh is really young and he works hard

    Angie scottAngie scottOy oldin
  • Was that chris from Mr.beast?????????!!

    Hayden HookHayden HookOy oldin
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    Ismael Mendes MartinsIsmael Mendes MartinsOy oldin
  • All the 9 year olds are filling the commebts begging for likes that dont matter and people are taking the bait

    ShadiestFire4 noShadiestFire4 noOy oldin
  • I used your code and I love your videos they are the best

    KristinBg BgwelekKristinBg BgwelekOy oldin
  • Is that Chris from mrbeast

    Joshua DavisJoshua DavisOy oldin
  • Fresh pls use face cam

    Elite GrenoElite GrenoOy oldin
  • nice

    ethan rogers rogersethan rogers rogersOy oldin