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  • Fresh can I have a ps5 pls fresh I’m your biggest fan

    The Gaming channelThe Gaming channel8 soat oldin
  • Fresh is a beast and his parents aren't, are they really son and parents????

    Jacoby StephensJacoby Stephens9 soat oldin
  • Hello fresh i did everything (: i hope i win

    1ndonly SE1ndonly SE16 soat oldin
  • He found his adoption papers

    Lorraine MaticeLorraine Matice18 soat oldin
  • since when is lazarbeam is ur dad?

    Amin AhmadzadaAmin Ahmadzada21 soat oldin
  • SUUS

    What Lucien Learned Today! !What Lucien Learned Today! !21 soat oldin

    Stan StrootStan StrootKun oldin
  • Fresh is a god at fortnite and better then his parnres

    Marcelo PoseMarcelo PoseKun oldin
  • help me......

  • Hi

    Mauro CastilloMauro CastilloKun oldin
  • This vid is well cute 🥰

    Lake bishopLake bishopKun oldin
  • Wait his step mom hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Lil DrewLil DrewKun oldin
  • I wish I had a ps5

    Babu _ PlayzBabu _ PlayzKun oldin
  • Who’s fresh’s biological mother

    Whelked gamingWhelked gaming2 kun oldin
    • Not ilsa

      Stan StrootStan StrootKun oldin
  • Can I have a ps5

    Janna Crismeylis Heredia CiprianJanna Crismeylis Heredia Ciprian2 kun oldin
  • Tell lezer beam I'm unsubscribing him because he was being disgustingat the end

    Bentley CreceliusBentley Crecelius2 kun oldin
  • yeah we do

    Jack BrylskiJack Brylski2 kun oldin
  • Yo fresh you are the best continue the awsome contend

    crazy barracuda 260crazy barracuda 2602 kun oldin
  • It’s my birthday today!!!!!!

    faZe Carter OmgfaZe Carter Omg3 kun oldin
  • Xbox series x* lol sorry for the correction

    Deluxe PlayzDeluxe Playz3 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Fresh was really adopted? What do you think?

    Claudia WoodClaudia Wood3 kun oldin
  • Shut up he is not adopted

    Olga HernandezOlga Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • yo fresh i want 2 ps5 for me and my cousin

    Alejandro GraveranAlejandro Graveran3 kun oldin
  • please giv3 me a ps5 i dont have a console maybe when i get a ps5 can i add u

    freshfanfreshfan3 kun oldin
  • 5:14 complete aimbot

    Pickle GamingPickle Gaming3 kun oldin
  • I have both of their skins

    chullydog man64chullydog man644 kun oldin
  • I want a PS5

    Mike MaguireMike Maguire4 kun oldin
  • rbkbvnjk nh m ,kjbjjb nk moet ho p jk was 🧺 you all i

    WinnerZ - OGLILGHOSTWinnerZ - OGLILGHOST4 kun oldin
  • Wait is lazar actually his dad...

    Just MeJust Me4 kun oldin
  • when fresh said hewas carring his parents i didint think he meant literaly

    PiperlandPiperland4 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Kayaan HanicheKayaan Haniche5 kun oldin
  • 2:28 yes there is much people

    Georga ThickettGeorga Thickett5 kun oldin
  • is your step mom also stuck so often?

    Isar HuizingIsar Huizing5 kun oldin
  • Ps 5 please!!!

    Josh CarsonJosh Carson5 kun oldin
  • What's up guys yes. That never get old

    Chayse ClementsChayse Clements5 kun oldin
  • 4:16GET G-NOMED

    Arth ThekkepatArth Thekkepat5 kun oldin
  • Cut but sus

    Play4saysPlay4says5 kun oldin
  • Hahaha

    Speedygamer007Speedygamer0075 kun oldin
  • Lazar in Minecraft ‘Oh it’s a little gremlin baby’ ‘You wanna be my adopted kid’ Fresh be like ‘OH HECK YES’ Fresh’s Real Parents ‘ OH THANK YOU FOR TAKING HIM’ 😂

    Josephine JJosephine J5 kun oldin
  • I like fresh

    Beldevie MoubiriBeldevie Moubiri6 kun oldin
  • Your so cool

    Fortnite GODFortnite GOD6 kun oldin
  • I Want Ps5

  • Not gonna lie,this video was kind of sus

    Bliss LeGrandBliss LeGrand6 kun oldin
  • Fresh I like your videos

    david La Macchiadavid La Macchia6 kun oldin
  • Pls can I get a PS5 pls pls

    Harry BannisterHarry Bannister6 kun oldin
  • Your my favorite UZworld

    Jennene OBrienJennene OBrien6 kun oldin
  • Can you get me win

    Jennene OBrienJennene OBrien6 kun oldin
  • I have no friends

    Jennene OBrienJennene OBrien6 kun oldin
  • Can you friend me my name The_24_chamber

    Jennene OBrienJennene OBrien6 kun oldin
  • Fresh can I have ps5 Plz

    Jennene OBrienJennene OBrien6 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Lannan went in to Fresh asking for help

    Gary KellyGary Kelly6 kun oldin
  • ilsa was carrying ?

    Caden AlaiCaden Alai6 kun oldin
  • i love you fresh

    Wuzbuht tiklyWuzbuht tikly6 kun oldin
  • Fresh is half adopted

    clown boy7clown boy76 kun oldin
  • Real men simp

    Jayden LatailleJayden Lataille7 kun oldin
  • Hi I need a Xbox series x pleaseeeee

    gpflowsgpflows7 kun oldin
  • is lannan realy fresh dad

    Carol BelcherCarol Belcher7 kun oldin
  • Can I please win one of the system pls I am a big fan

    Tammy ZealandTammy Zealand7 kun oldin
  • Yeah

    Saliha GubartallaSaliha Gubartalla7 kun oldin
  • Poooooo

    Jacob BarryJacob Barry8 kun oldin
  • Please can you give please can you give me the Xbox X can you gift me a skin from today the 10th of January just now because I’m on Fortnite

    Mario Di GiorgiMario Di Giorgi8 kun oldin
  • I'm suprised i never knew that lazar was his dad but makes sense when in lazars vids he talks about being carried by fresh (edit: i just realised this a joke i think

    sonic guy 07sonic guy 078 kun oldin
  • Hi Lazaebeam

    Debbie ApainaDebbie Apaina8 kun oldin
  • PS5

    Fitore ZeneliFitore Zeneli8 kun oldin
  • Pls can I have the ps5

    Azaan JafferAzaan Jaffer8 kun oldin
  • Wrwdw

    Sherin AlsaidiSherin Alsaidi8 kun oldin
  • But seriously I am ye so so does that make lannon(if I spelt that right)me grandpa yeet

    Aryan AgnihotriAryan Agnihotri9 kun oldin
  • Jk

    Aryan AgnihotriAryan Agnihotri9 kun oldin
  • You forgot about me 😭

    Aryan AgnihotriAryan Agnihotri9 kun oldin
  • Wait I am your son fresh

    Aryan AgnihotriAryan Agnihotri9 kun oldin
  • You are the best🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Mr.Pepper ReyesMr.Pepper Reyes9 kun oldin
  • Watching this I’m like one of them is lying about there kills at the end fresh has nineteen isla has seven and lannon has five it’s not possible they have twenty seven kills

    Syracuse jedisSyracuse jedis9 kun oldin
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loai HanafiLoai Hanafi9 kun oldin
  • OMG. Fresh

    Loai HanafiLoai Hanafi9 kun oldin
  • Lannon should do video called playing fortnite my kids (Tessa and fresh) Tessa is lannon's step daughter

    Oscar Mc KevittOscar Mc Kevitt10 kun oldin
  • 4:21 it is a legit bot squad

    Max EvansMax Evans10 kun oldin

    Verissimo GalvaoVerissimo Galvao10 kun oldin
  • Fresh you can doo enifing in the world

    Elis HughesElis Hughes10 kun oldin
  • His whole family plays Fortnite 😆

    Fortnite-_-ProFortnite-_-Pro10 kun oldin
  • All the West Virginia kids hoping lannan would finish country roads

    Caden FoyCaden Foy10 kun oldin
  • Witch season he in

    Christine SmilesChristine Smiles10 kun oldin
  • They should make Muselk his Brother that would be a great idea

    Vortex-PhantomYTVortex-PhantomYT10 kun oldin
  • How did they know that they are loved. Holy that was the most coolest ending ever

    Bless SusbillaBless Susbilla11 kun oldin
  • I LOVE You fresh

    Levi AgostiniLevi Agostini11 kun oldin
  • Family: 3:28 Goes for a Sunday drive Also family: 4:10 Murders the neighborhood hillbillies

    Goose ZeusGoose Zeus11 kun oldin
  • Xbox x

    Electra ScheinerElectra Scheiner11 kun oldin
  • Did lazar break up so Isla is freshes step mom * illuminate music plays

    GamerKGamerK11 kun oldin
  • And this

    Charles StarrCharles Starr12 kun oldin
  • Can you please play with me

    Charles StarrCharles Starr12 kun oldin
  • OMG love this so much 😍/fresh is so wholesome

    Shallow WaterzShallow Waterz12 kun oldin
  • I want to enter the giveaway

    Marcelino TovarMarcelino Tovar12 kun oldin
  • Have a PS five please

    Alexis ButlerAlexis Butler12 kun oldin
  • Done nightshade comment and followed all your videos

    sam kingsam king12 kun oldin
  • cute but sus

  • I'm a big fan

    Chris BurtonChris Burton12 kun oldin
  • Can I have a ps 5

    Javed PatelJaved Patel13 kun oldin
  • Done

    Lauao FaaseeLauao Faasee13 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Fortnite BrosFortnite Bros13 kun oldin
  • I’m pretty sure ilsa git confused when how much people where left then kills

    JCJC13 kun oldin
  • Hiiiiii

    keggo10 !keggo10 !13 kun oldin