DO NOT try this challenge...

16-Noy, 2020
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  • Fresh: who made this app? Person who made it: I wonder who would use my app.

    Parsa RajabiParsa Rajabi3 kun oldin
  • FRESH: DO NOT TRY THIS CHALLENGE No one: doesn't try Everyone: hmmm imma try this

    Ariam SamuelAriam Samuel6 kun oldin
  • Fresh can play blind and I can’t even kill a person

    Adam CanoAdam Cano8 kun oldin
  • To be honest I don’t even think I can kill fresh when his screen is full😂😂😂

    Jairus SmithJairus Smith9 kun oldin
  • Yeah

    Zain RehanZain Rehan13 kun oldin
  • what was this program called?

    Neon PlyzNeon Plyz16 kun oldin
  • He is not showing ghte face came so I think that he is just showing this fortbhe content Edit- this was my personal review so please don't judge

    Aditya lalAditya lal17 kun oldin
  • Fresh : getting like six elims Me : I can’t even get six elims with a normal screen

    CrispyCoconutCrispyCoconut18 kun oldin
  • Fresh you are so good at Fortnite but My fortnight got deleted because my teacher told my mum to and I’m only eight but I’ll get it back on may 3

    Daxa ParagDaxa Parag24 kun oldin
  • I love this video

    Chicken mc NuggetsChicken mc Nuggets26 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Chicken mc NuggetsChicken mc Nuggets26 kun oldin
  • so claustrophobic holy bruhh

    YeetusisticYeetusisticOy oldin
  • 2:22 his keys straight up are a sneaker

    Liz AriasLiz AriasOy oldin
  • 9:27

    Jessica StowellJessica StowellOy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • i want you fresh to make hardest game ever you play a legend chalange

    Mohamed HamzaMohamed HamzaOy oldin
  • lol where can i find this app?? pls

    iDriPy YTiDriPy YTOy oldin
  • Hi

    Bugzz XDBugzz XDOy oldin
  • The not will

    Basel Hosam AbduldaimBasel Hosam AbduldaimOy oldin
  • If I win can I please get a ps5 I hate xboxes

    Carter AndersonCarter AndersonOy oldin
  • So ten people are getting a ps5 or Xbox

    Carter AndersonCarter AndersonOy oldin
  • Who is winning the giveaway

    Carter AndersonCarter AndersonOy oldin
  • When you don’t know what to name ur vid so I name it don’t try this challenges

    LiquixyLiquixyOy oldin
  • at first i wanted to try but then came 3:20

    Shamoel NoorbhaiShamoel NoorbhaiOy oldin
  • People who still are not better than fresh (ME)👉

    Cp VenomCp VenomOy oldin
  • Why when i saw this i thought the whole screen ( from the start ) will be black

    Javier TuriJavier TuriOy oldin
  • 5:54 What is that sound hes making

    Marco GoMarco GoOy oldin
  • what is this thing called

    Rylen James DelapinaRylen James DelapinaOy oldin
  • Fresh pleas play blind one more time

    Notex mar world SheikhNotex mar world SheikhOy oldin

    DonutLordStevenDonutLordStevenOy oldin
  • Dude imagine if you were playing with LazerBeam

    TrX DWolf AND InfinityTrX DWolf AND InfinityOy oldin
  • name of app?

    Mohammed SarhanMohammed SarhanOy oldin
  • I’ve done it before and it’s hard

    Jennifer Trachte MurphyJennifer Trachte MurphyOy oldin
  • Yes

    Vinny GorrellVinny GorrellOy oldin

    DarkDarkOy oldin
  • Yes

    Andres CristanAndres CristanOy oldin
  • Give me a PS5

    SimperBTWSimperBTWOy oldin
  • Lachlan also did this a few months ago

    Jason HuertaJason HuertaOy oldin
  • Imagine if fresh did this challenge in arena🤔😬

    ChaosChaosOy oldin
  • WASD

    Henry GillisHenry GillisOy oldin
  • Love vid💚💚

    Odge 05Odge 05Oy oldin
  • i am just saying how did you do that

    Wil ChangWil ChangOy oldin

    Matas KalasauskasMatas KalasauskasOy oldin
  • what app is that

    Vaikunta Koushik CharapalleVaikunta Koushik CharapalleOy oldin
  • This is hurting my eyes. I might become blind... .-.

    CrizzmonCrizzmonOy oldin
  • Whats the app you use

    cookiecookieOy oldin
  • Remember when lachy did this

    Sam BairdSam BairdOy oldin
  • I used your code

    Steven HamblingSteven HamblingOy oldin
  • Can you gift me

    Steven HamblingSteven HamblingOy oldin
  • Does he stream the challenges sorry I’m new

    Christopher SilfaChristopher SilfaOy oldin
  • I like how he calles them “Gamers”

    Mark LivingsMark LivingsOy oldin
  • Love you fresh

    mint paperiemint paperieOy oldin
  • How would u use it on ps or Xbox?

    Spooder - ManSpooder - ManOy oldin
  • Now just imagine mongraal with this

    Kirsty and Charlie BarnesKirsty and Charlie BarnesOy oldin
  • UZworld comments section is so full of shit these days. Too many scam sites. I wasted so much time using all kinds of web apps from the comments and none works. I have found a UZworld video about a site called Forthax0r. That one worked to my surprise. You may find it on Google!

    Minecraft SpeedrunMinecraft SpeedrunOy oldin
  • I already tried it

    Best EggBest EggOy oldin
  • Yse

    My EpicMy EpicOy oldin
  • freash cutout the time i craped on him no joke

    woreaworeaOy oldin
  • who else was inspired by fresh and lazar

  • Was I the only one trying to make words with the keys on the screen

    Nice dudeNice dudeOy oldin
  • Yes

    Amir HarrisAmir HarrisOy oldin
  • Hi

    Carol DixonCarol DixonOy oldin
  • Yes

    Amanda WilliamsAmanda WilliamsOy oldin
  • LolYour cracked

    Brayson LacinakBrayson LacinakOy oldin
  • America

    Chase SpeedChase SpeedOy oldin
  • Come to my birthday party

    Chase SpeedChase SpeedOy oldin
  • Imagine they have a tournament like this 😂

    ENG3G3 CapetownENG3G3 CapetownOy oldin
  • Yes yes yes yes

    Areeba IrfanAreeba IrfanOy oldin
  • Yes

    Jose GalanJose GalanOy oldin
  • Eye ligma

    Maverick AvilaMaverick AvilaOy oldin
  • What’s going on guys

    Alex the kidAlex the kidOy oldin
  • i love your vid

    julian iniguezjulian iniguezOy oldin
  • god damn thst was annoying

    Emily WellsEmily WellsOy oldin
  • Yes

    Areeba IrfanAreeba IrfanOy oldin
  • Day 2 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    FyrieNexusFyrieNexusOy oldin
  • I like your cut g

    Daniel RoughDaniel RoughOy oldin
  • Ya

    Daniel RoughDaniel RoughOy oldin
  • Why did he say chat?

    Steveprogamer27 YTSteveprogamer27 YTOy oldin
  • At 2:37 it spelled AWW at the top left corner

    Atharva NilkariAtharva NilkariOy oldin
  • Maybe it was a stream sniper!

    Devante StewartDevante StewartOy oldin

    Jaden VangJaden VangOy oldin
  • are we not gona talk about the dugauh at 5:55

  • Fresh fans = like Fresh crazy fans = like and comment

    Aarnav AryeAarnav AryeOy oldin
  • why does he press W and A so many times

    Aarnav AryeAarnav AryeOy oldin
  • I remember when lachy did this a year ago

    gaming vids Jessegaming vids JesseOy oldin
  • fresh u are my favorite youtuber

    TheReaper ThereaperTheReaper ThereaperOy oldin
  • whats up guys NO

    Janette ClementsJanette ClementsOy oldin
  • He's lying he's looking at the screen that's how he's playing so good but he's cheating

    EnergyCrew JournalsEnergyCrew JournalsOy oldin
    • He’s not he’s just really good

      dabiswifeydabiswifeyOy oldin
  • anyone's eyes hurt? all i see is letters and i need new eyes

    Trey LamilloTrey LamilloOy oldin
  • Video: must play like a bot the whole match and get a dub

    Mcsteamy 007Mcsteamy 007Oy oldin
  • i cant imagine what he looks like when he looses

    stully625stully625Oy oldin
  • Fresh cracked

    Elite GamingElite GamingOy oldin
  • Yes reset

    J CVJ CVOy oldin
    • I’m good

      J CVJ CVOy oldin
    • I’m goo

      J CVJ CVOy oldin
    • I’m good

      J CVJ CVOy oldin
    • I’m good

      J CVJ CVOy oldin
  • What if he did a hide and sneak

    ChaBoyLawson813ChaBoyLawson813Oy oldin
  • How do they do that like who do the keys just fall while he is in the game😳

    AlyssaAlyssaOy oldin
  • The way that fresh is better than me whitoute seeing

    rademenes 88rademenes 88Oy oldin
  • Set all the binds that you want to your mouse and play mouse only

    Bugey09Bugey09Oy oldin
  • he should've used visual sound affects

    K-Money WillisK-Money WillisOy oldin
  • Yes

    Victoria BurgessVictoria BurgessOy oldin
  • He died

    Colleen CupidoColleen CupidoOy oldin