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  • the event happend at 7:00 pm in missouri

    Travis coxTravis cox4 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail tho 😂

    sada 763sada 76321 kun oldin
  • Dahm I did not know galaktus was thicc thank you fresh

    Emir Ali YucelEmir Ali Yucel28 kun oldin
  • Play with me fresh on for nite

    Willy AlfWilly AlfOy oldin
  • Rip pumps 🪦

    Ethyn MartinezEthyn MartinezOy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • 2021 anyone

    Lincoln MeyerLincoln MeyerOy oldin
  • i hate u because of the title and what u call him

    mythicaltoaster the epicmythicaltoaster the epicOy oldin
  • Who else thinks that Fresh makes the greatest thumbnails?

    SomebodyElseSomebodyElseOy oldin

  • dame boi Me: hears silent me: turns up volume all the way video DAME BOI HE THICK BOI me: AAAaAAaa)smd8jskdjdnsldkd

    Its_yo_boi_JaydenIts_yo_boi_JaydenOy oldin
  • Fresh: Look at my inventory !!! editor: NONONONO (zooms in so u cant see his inven)

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiOy oldin
  • Fresh your gay

    SoupSoupOy oldin
  • when fresh says "wants up guys, no" its not fresh

    Julian SimpsonJulian SimpsonOy oldin
  • The thumbnail though is sick

    Dark tube_ gamingDark tube_ gamingOy oldin
  • i cant log into fortnite

    Doomsday DoosDoomsday DoosOy oldin
  • I just can’t stop thinking about that thumbnail though

    Big BlueberryBig BlueberryOy oldin
  • Cheeky cheeky boy

    Conrad TConrad TOy oldin
  • Who else is her after the event

    Benedict "Ben" ConwayBenedict "Ben" ConwayOy oldin

    Kizuna leungKizuna leungOy oldin
  • DONE

    Alvin JohnsonAlvin JohnsonOy oldin
  • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • the thumbnail

    NatePlayzStuffNatePlayzStuffOy oldin
  • The cover page

    Kounis 360Kounis 360Oy oldin
  • WTF

    Kounis 360Kounis 360Oy oldin
  • After the event....I watched it on youtube bc of school work it sucks and I hope fortnite is not ending I just hope they bring back the old map and tilted towers..

    Xxasthetic vibesXxXxasthetic vibesXxOy oldin
  • That event was awesome finally something good in 2020

    Darth StepdaddyDarth StepdaddyOy oldin
  • The events over

    Rylan RichterRylan RichterOy oldin
  • Anyone gonna tell him that Galactus is the devour of wolrds-

    Roblox CherryRoblox CherryOy oldin
  • yea

    Modesto FrancoModesto FrancoOy oldin

    Modesto FrancoModesto FrancoOy oldin
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

    Modesto FrancoModesto FrancoOy oldin
  • bro fresh see the galactos tiktok

    Alexa MelecioAlexa MelecioOy oldin
  • 5:13 skiped a medkit lol

    Lindsay DavisLindsay DavisOy oldin
  • I can’t wait to get the new battle pass cause mando is gonna be a skin I. The pass and Ima use him so much

    Aidenplayz918Aidenplayz918Oy oldin
  • His thicc head and CHEEKS LOLLLLLL

    Weegiebro10Weegiebro10Oy oldin
  • Fresh u Thic as well

    BananaBananaOy oldin
  • Fresh: how does one become so thicc Me: McDoNaLdS

    RogueRogueOy oldin
  • i hope we get some new p.o.i’s. but keep salty retail , and lazy. bigger cities with a lot of buildings

    Austin UbeleAustin UbeleOy oldin
  • "perfect in the hole" that's what she said

    JunipxrJunipxrOy oldin
    • also when he said we lost all our meds then the next second 200 hundy health

      JunipxrJunipxrOy oldin
  • Unidentified females presidential office and lifeguard office and management issued an Dickerson Anderson health issued hackings the case with the FBI director of a life time and the

    its jules YTits jules YTOy oldin
  • X

    its jules YTits jules YTOy oldin
  • X

    its jules YTits jules YTOy oldin
  • @jules

    its jules YTits jules YTOy oldin
  • Title of the Fortnite event: The THICCEST Fortnite event

    RavenRavenOy oldin
  • hi

    Cindy McCarthyCindy McCarthyOy oldin
  • So I found out that galactus has been coming since season 5

    Ryhan matyufRyhan matyufOy oldin
  • when they mean't get your jetpacks ready they mean't get your iron man jetpacks

    Gun - TropperGun - TropperOy oldin
  • Can u make a video of the live event also use code fresh

    Aartee PatelAartee PatelOy oldin
  • Sick

    Viv vivViv vivOy oldin
  • Cheese 4:10

    Scott GerbosiScott GerbosiOy oldin
  • This man tihick and the lMG thing happened to me so lol

    Saadia HSaadia HOy oldin
  • Who else is exited for the event?

    Pip LaurensonPip LaurensonOy oldin
  • 😳

    MidasMidasOy oldin
  • :) I love Fortnite I’m in mobile yea new season is a. Good one :)

    Nathon NathonNathon NathonOy oldin
  • He past a med when he needed it

    Alma HaroAlma HaroOy oldin
  • 5:12 low hp missed med kit

    Joseph ElyJoseph ElyOy oldin
  • Me when fresh ignored the med kit at 5:11

    coolguy 987coolguy 987Oy oldin
  • me when fresh ignored the med kit at

    coolguy 987coolguy 987Oy oldin
  • GALACTUS has THICCEST forhead

    bryce oviedobryce oviedoOy oldin
  • Who else is hyped for the mandalorian season!

    Echo SpectraEcho SpectraOy oldin
  • Petition for fresh to change his UZworld channel name to: *"tHiCc FrEsH"*

    YPGYPGOy oldin
  • Remember last video he posted he said that it was going to be his last video of the season and he playing another rn

    Brandon AmararalBrandon AmararalOy oldin
  • Fresh got best loadout and best pc

    Gazi HossainGazi HossainOy oldin
  • the moon moves quick in fortnite

    Cheo MangumCheo MangumOy oldin
  • Realise fresh’s LMG looks like it fireing when he’s running? Also no ammo is wasted ???

    Giovanni MoralesGiovanni MoralesOy oldin
  • Fresh: i have only 4 kills Me:has 3 kills and is really happy

    PhantomPhantomOy oldin
  • your the best youtuber i the world

    Michelle Rol [Staff]Michelle Rol [Staff]Oy oldin
  • The thumbnail tho

    Brett BarrettBrett BarrettOy oldin
  • When that guy spammed his rocket launcher it reminded me of mecs

    Supreme GamingSupreme GamingOy oldin
  • Dont complain about the time of the event. 4pm on a Tuesday is not ideal for an event

    Maddox MagennisMaddox MagennisOy oldin
  • 4:30 Anyone else notice the fact that it says “first player to touch the ground”

    Furqan HussainFurqan HussainOy oldin
  • Yeet

    Vyper YTVyper YTOy oldin
  • The event for me is happening at midnight and my parents let me but they changed their minds

    Auto YoutubeAuto YoutubeOy oldin
  • Good job

    Aussie Lachlan eatsAussie Lachlan eatsOy oldin
  • Fresh: I have to stream at six am Me: I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT FOUR

    NONO reactionNONO reactionOy oldin
  • If galacus is the size universes then would his pinky toe be the size of fortnite?

    Dane HenriksenDane HenriksenOy oldin
  • Season idea Galactus wins and eats the map Forcing fortnite to go to the other map the map is a bit dusty so we fix it up and build a new base with more marvel charictor and go round two with Galactus and more weapons

    Another TiktokerAnother TiktokerOy oldin
  • Ok

    K PK POy oldin
  • im thiccer than galactus ill oof him ez claps

    Zen memesZen memesOy oldin
  • It should be 7:00 for you in the morning I'm 3 hours ahead of your time zone

    Harris_FluffyHarris_FluffyOy oldin
  • I have school tomorrow and Ithe event is at 11 at night for me 😔😔

    Sivan GovenderSivan GovenderOy oldin
  • bruh

    colossal ninjacolossal ninjaOy oldin
  • Fresh got to cocky at the end XD

    Bizaar StarzBizaar StarzOy oldin
  • Thankfully I can see the event cause school ends at 1:15😎

    Zeno FoxyZeno FoxyOy oldin
  • Bruh I can’t see the event because it’ll be 1:00 pm and I’ll be in school 😭😩

    IamlxloIamlxloOy oldin
  • Fresh: complaining about the event being at 6 am Me:Its at 1 am for me

    Yassine DoheimYassine DoheimOy oldin
  • Did anyone see he used a DC glider😂😂

    Landen MolnarLanden MolnarOy oldin
  • wait hol up, does fighting the gorger start music, am i an idiot for not knowing or is this new.

    Radical-PlayzRadical-PlayzOy oldin
  • thicc galactus and thanos lol

    Wolf Killer PlaysWolf Killer PlaysOy oldin
  • Fresh what’s up guys yes That is my favorite part of the video

    ZezZezOy oldin
  • yo he used my idea i sent him bro

    Sofia TerranovaSofia TerranovaOy oldin
  • the galactus event is at 4pm tomorrow

    Patience SugriPatience SugriOy oldin
  • Dani approves of this low-key video.

    EnderEnderOy oldin
  • Fresh: Look at his thicccccccc head! Me: I LIKE UR CUT G

    ItzIcyyItzIcyyOy oldin

    Camp KyleCamp KyleOy oldin
  • Did anyone else see the Lmg shooting every time he took it out? 6:37

    I Have No NameI Have No NameOy oldin
  • Thicc is to Fresh As yeet is to lannan

    Kyle RadaviceKyle RadaviceOy oldin
  • What is dis thumbnail tho?! Lol

    maybtom4umaybtom4uOy oldin
  • When fresh complains people sweat all the time. Then he sweats on them and kills them

    Jegory 13Jegory 13Oy oldin