11-Dek, 2020
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  • Fresh you are really epic

    Oliver SteadmanOliver Steadman21 soat oldin
  • I am you’re biggest fan fresh I think you are so so so so good at games

    Oliver SteadmanOliver Steadman21 soat oldin
  • Get Xbox series x and u can get black masterchief

    Oliver BrewerOliver Brewer2 kun oldin
  • Play let go,’

    Brayden WerezakBrayden Werezak2 kun oldin
  • I play halo if I told you haloo 100000000000 hours later and ya

    Michelle StramelMichelle Stramel9 kun oldin
  • Halo has a lazer pickaxe so you should've pick ironman / stark indestreets pickaxe

    XxpotatoxX ist kawaXxpotatoxX ist kawa10 kun oldin

    Sunlight BroSunlight Bro10 kun oldin
  • halo is better then fortnite

    jeffrey 117jeffrey 11711 kun oldin
  • posted on my birthday! :)

    Yahir Zuniga GarciaYahir Zuniga Garcia11 kun oldin
  • They have snipers

    Dris xArmyDris xArmy12 kun oldin
  • Bringing Master chief to Fortnite is an Insult. Especially when kiddies dont know what Halo is.

    Peter GrupinskiPeter Grupinski14 kun oldin
  • 1:41 is fucking legendary LOL

    CrazedRangerCrazedRanger14 kun oldin
  • Cood Lazr

    Abel MulderAbel Mulder15 kun oldin
  • This game is cancer

    CaliCali16 kun oldin
  • Ha

    Heather TurnerHeather Turner17 kun oldin
  • Me who just realized shotguns are the main weapon against the flood in halo- 👁👄👁

    Tropics PenguinTropics Penguin18 kun oldin
  • You should call him master beam

    jamie Biglerjamie Bigler18 kun oldin
  • No master Beam

    the bossthe boss18 kun oldin
  • We will call lazar Lazar Chief

    Double KillDouble Kill19 kun oldin
  • Master beammmmmmm

    Raufan EgaRaufan Ega19 kun oldin

    CC - 2118 Church OwOCC - 2118 Church OwO20 kun oldin
  • I can’t be the only guy who’s pissed off abt halo being in fortnite😔

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha20 kun oldin
    • @Spartan Jameson Locke what do u not know what that means or sum

      Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha16 kun oldin
    • Pissed off?

      Spartan Jameson LockeSpartan Jameson Locke16 kun oldin
  • They both clearly never played halo.

    Nicholas BrownNicholas Brown21 kun oldin
  • Congratulations for 7m subs!🥳

    AnaestheticRegistrarAnaestheticRegistrar22 kun oldin
  • Hey fresh my fav gun was halo 3 till my dad sold my Xbox360 :(

    Levi DahlitzLevi Dahlitz23 kun oldin
  • Imma be so pissed when someone says master chief is from fortnite.

    Front-facing PhineasFront-facing Phineas24 kun oldin
  • All you stupid kids, listen up. Ditch this stupid game and go buy the Master Chief collection. Play the campaigns and the multiplayer. You will be a better gamer.

    Awesomeguy 101Awesomeguy 10124 kun oldin
  • Its master beam

    n piccn picc25 kun oldin
  • What’s up guys and yes

    Mizael GarciaMizael Garcia25 kun oldin
  • fresh is your favoot coler green

    kian millskian mills26 kun oldin
  • How many videos did fresh said “what’s up guy ya”

    Minty _is_crackedMinty _is_cracked26 kun oldin
  • Fresh: what is this thing called again me: pure shame

    Name not Found ytName not Found yt27 kun oldin
    • Ngl I’m offended halo was my child hood

      Name not Found ytName not Found yt26 kun oldin
  • Wait, that’s illegal.

    Henry StickminHenry Stickmin27 kun oldin
  • Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    Phillip seawardPhillip seaward28 kun oldin
  • Hi Fresh, congrats on getting 6.96 million subscribers I was wondering if you would gift me a free skin as I have had a bad week as I have been strangled pushed down a flight of stairs I have broken my toe! I love your videos Thank you for reading this!

    Daniel HeatherDaniel Heather28 kun oldin
    • My epic name is AnimalCello5419 or Dude1234d

      Daniel HeatherDaniel Heather28 kun oldin
  • No disrespect but I fell like they ruined kratos and master chief badass character

    Tyon WarfieldTyon Warfield28 kun oldin
  • Anyone who've played halo since the xbox 360?

    Post Pone MalondryPost Pone Malondry29 kun oldin
  • Do the warthog emote but use the snow launcher and u will drift

    KareliabackKareliaback29 kun oldin
  • Nice, I Love this video! 3

    VenusVenusOy oldin
  • Nice, I Love this video! 2

    VenusVenusOy oldin
  • Keep up the good work you were making awesome videos

    Brendon JamesBrendon JamesOy oldin
  • Its so cool that they made an entire franchise based off of fortnite skins

    BoboPlayz OGBoboPlayz OGOy oldin
  • Peak fortnite plays right here gg

    D MoonD MoonOy oldin
  • This video restored my hope for the fortnite community

  • Use code (NML) Come on give you the Renegade Raider Submit the photo with the code On Insta: q_j7d1

    Vv HhVv HhOy oldin
  • Fresh is awesome

    Lit boy LawmenLit boy LawmenOy oldin
  • No one online

    My dog has a stareing problem BtwMy dog has a stareing problem BtwOy oldin
  • it's so cool and i do need one

    angelassasin88angelassasin88Oy oldin
  • Master beam

    Maurino FrancoMaurino FrancoOy oldin
  • Halo has shotguns too

    Connor ReyesConnor ReyesOy oldin
  • Im a halo freak. I'm obsessed wirh halo. Cheifs favorite weapons are the assault rifle and shotgun. Alongside the banshe if I spelt that right. It's a covanent vehicle

  • You are amazing and beautiful, please stay safe.. Have an amazing rest of your day! P.S. I’ve been struggling to get to 3k subs any help is appreciated

    TupcoTupcoOy oldin
  • I'm getting your notifications SO late. I only got this one an hour ago, but it says Five days ago. Not happy, but thank you and take care of yourself please, Mate

    Go AwayGo AwayOy oldin
  • Hi people hello fresh

    crtstal starcrtstal starOy oldin
  • Yo the emote looks like the zoom zoom car in the flash

    Eldian BalidemajEldian BalidemajOy oldin
  • Fortnite is trash now just saying

    Sonja HernandezSonja HernandezOy oldin
  • hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaallllllllllloooooooooooooo is da best game ever i grew up with halo

    Draven FligerDraven FligerOy oldin
  • He’s almost 7 million

    Ryan SuttlesRyan SuttlesOy oldin
  • it's called the Warthog$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$20

    Kacin JonesKacin JonesOy oldin
  • I love halo but I play halo all the time because I can't play fortnite.

    Kacin JonesKacin JonesOy oldin
  • Halo is the best no doubt about it ✌️❤️

    Kaleb MillarKaleb MillarOy oldin
  • Why fresh not take jet pack

    KingRooster GamingKingRooster GamingOy oldin
  • No how dare you make chief do the floss you disgusting crap

    Dice MaceDice MaceOy oldin
  • you literally JUMPED at 3:03

    MarinePlaysMarinePlaysOy oldin
  • I liked and I subed

    Cadie-Mai WestCadie-Mai WestOy oldin
  • Why did halo let fortnite do this

    Gaming 0v0Gaming 0v0Oy oldin
  • I use code Fresh

    kayleigh IS SO BOREDkayleigh IS SO BOREDOy oldin
  • Fresh: we only have 8 kills Me: KILLTASTROPHE!!

    Nista MepiaseNista MepiaseOy oldin
  • how old is lazarbeam ?

    Czar CacheroCzar CacheroOy oldin
  • Can they use a Pickaxe for the Energy sword

    Macy AnnMacy AnnOy oldin
  • Who won the next gen console giveaway

    SwaZ TrickzSwaZ TrickzOy oldin
  • GG

    Laura BermudezLaura BermudezOy oldin
  • YES

    Jeitan Badea CaraballoJeitan Badea CaraballoOy oldin
  • For the Master Chief glider, it would be awesome if u can go inside the glider and when ur about to land u jump outta the plane

    Bao NguyenBao NguyenOy oldin

    Petey On Hotel WiFiPetey On Hotel WiFiOy oldin
  • no master beam

  • all of those player are halo fans

    Paul mckenziePaul mckenzieOy oldin
  • ON

    Sayed NosseirSayed NosseirOy oldin

    Sayed NosseirSayed NosseirOy oldin
  • Fresh does 13 14 kills he doesn’t care like fresh is the biggest pro in the world and lazarbeam is a meme god swear and fresh is a pro (god of fortnite )NGL

    The iPad GaMiNgThe iPad GaMiNgOy oldin
  • I have sub To your channel

    The iPad GaMiNgThe iPad GaMiNgOy oldin

    selamiti1selamiti1Oy oldin
  • i love you´re vids

    Ažbe KnafelcAžbe KnafelcOy oldin
  • It has Ben like 5 years sense I played Halo

    Ghostwriter Laser laserGhostwriter Laser laserOy oldin
  • the game has snipers

    Hayden BradleyHayden BradleyOy oldin
  • Who is voicing "Code Fresh Code Fresh Code Fresh" ?

    Mikkel BreilerMikkel BreilerOy oldin
  • you heard the man. SUBSCRIBE

    Kris4PrezKris4PrezOy oldin
  • I never seen rift fish in halo😂

    Dangelo JenkinsDangelo JenkinsOy oldin
  • THOSE AREN'T WARTHOG, they're pumas

    SF_MarrJadeSF_MarrJadeOy oldin
  • They should be able to drive pickup trucks because u could drive one in reach

    Bryar SwartzBryar SwartzOy oldin
    • Same with the jetpack

      Bryar SwartzBryar SwartzOy oldin
  • It's not call a wharhog it's a mongoose and goes really fast

    Steven HernandezSteven HernandezOy oldin
  • Day 1 of getting fresh to say “what’s up guys, no”

    KayteDidsKayteDidsOy oldin
  • Best video ever lol

    Rainbow TankRainbow TankOy oldin
  • Road to that 10 mil mark!

    JjKuba SJjKuba SOy oldin
  • Hi fresh sory I couldn't comment or like was something with my wifi

    CooldawgCooldawgOy oldin
  • how else played halo as a kid?

    Miss KindMiss KindOy oldin
  • imagine just playing fortnite and you see that `-`

    Paulo GrouchoPaulo GrouchoOy oldin
  • Whats up guys ee yess

    TB GamingTB GamingOy oldin
  • Can you play soccer using the halo car

    Night PlayzNight PlayzOy oldin
  • Laser beam is so annoying in this video! He just keeps dying and saying “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

    Jj SalazarJj SalazarOy oldin