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7-Dek, 2020
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  • wow very cool fresh

    FreshFreshFreshFreshOy oldin
    • I love fresh

      Archer McLeanArcher McLean21 kun oldin
    • What

      Doom SlayerDoom SlayerOy oldin
    • Do the mythic form the new season

      Shark puppet DynamiteShark puppet DynamiteOy oldin
    • Are you freshes cousin🥶

      Kelly StoneKelly StoneOy oldin
    • Subscribe to FreshFresh

      Parker ParonParker ParonOy oldin
  • Who won all of these giveaway

    RxlicRxlicKun oldin
  • please play rocket league with lannon!

    Fin MackenFin Macken8 kun oldin
  • Gangbeasts or WWE 2019

    PDH_ WolfPDH_ Wolf17 kun oldin
  • i got 750 on mrfresh

    Jayden MayberryJayden Mayberry18 kun oldin
  • rouge company

    Lisha MillerLisha Miller19 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Hudson DusicHudson Dusic21 kun oldin
  • Petition for fresh to join the dream SMP with lazar and Vik

    the Nintenbro gamerthe Nintenbro gamer26 kun oldin
  • I love fresh

    Alejandro SawdenAlejandro Sawden26 kun oldin
  • Wow

    WIFIWIFI27 kun oldin
  • Who won the give away

    Abdul YousafAbdul Yousaf28 kun oldin
  • Fresh can you please lease gift me a skin I don’t have that much I only have ninja ,manderlorian,Reese and man cake

    HarlRedSKULL-Fortnite- PlayerHarlRedSKULL-Fortnite- Player28 kun oldin
  • Fresh

    HarlRedSKULL-Fortnite- PlayerHarlRedSKULL-Fortnite- Player28 kun oldin
  • Why are you wearing your mask at home in your thumbnail like bruh your at your house take that mask off

    gavin Llanesgavin Llanes29 kun oldin
  • wow 3 channels i sub to 3 of them love yo vids

    Genevieve GarciaGenevieve GarciaOy oldin
  • You should probably play robux

    yeet manyeet manOy oldin
  • Who won the ps5 giveaway

    Plague_Endeavour _Plague_Endeavour _Oy oldin
  • Add me in discord pls

    Ahaan DhingraAhaan DhingraOy oldin
  • Rocket league

    silent goldensilent goldenOy oldin
  • You should play rocket league

    Jhon CraftyJhon CraftyOy oldin
  • one thing l want you to play is warface

    op corgiop corgiOy oldin
  • I literally just watch fresh because how good he is at fortnite. I know I'll never be good at fortnite, so I just watch other people that are good at it, lol

    Ishan VenkateshIshan VenkateshOy oldin
  • Fish you should do for you videos

    Rochelle RogersRochelle RogersOy oldin
  • Do u know Lost_1nSpace? You played with her in obby trivia right? Its me coolkew1

    Deekay JuiceDeekay JuiceOy oldin
  • I enjoy diablo and rocket league

    Billy CloonBilly CloonOy oldin
  • Fresh can u play apex

    Oliver ShannonOliver ShannonOy oldin
    • Apex legends

      Oliver ShannonOliver ShannonOy oldin
  • Play rocket league

    dancing doritodancing doritoOy oldin
  • Who else saw the gold tac tag at 9:51 and the gold charge before that

    NSndfnfNSndfnfOy oldin
  • call of duty cold war pls everyone would love to see you rage and sweat

    Hellen BainbridgeHellen BainbridgeOy oldin
  • Play some cod mobile

    Abman LegendAbman LegendOy oldin
  • Wow

    Jake BurtonJake BurtonOy oldin
  • Imagine of the pump was in this season

    HyperBoom 28HyperBoom 28Oy oldin
  • When will u start giving out the ps5 and xboxs

    Cory ClarkCory ClarkOy oldin
  • Do tactical shotgun only challenge and you can only kill the female skin

    Vraj PatelVraj PatelOy oldin
  • hey fresh you should play crew 2 on ps4

    Tina KTina KOy oldin
  • You should play Siege ... hardest game I’ve ever played. I’m currently addicted.

    TinyBoy WTinyBoy WOy oldin
  • Play roblox arsenal!

    Demonic MonkeyDemonic MonkeyOy oldin
  • Fresh u should play either Call Of Duty or WWE or maybe UNO

    QuanzFNQuanzFNOy oldin
  • Fefdd

    Civa BolaCiva BolaOy oldin
  • ,

    Civa BolaCiva BolaOy oldin
  • Play rocket leugue

    Emperio ArmaniEmperio ArmaniOy oldin
  • Rocket legue

    Emperio ArmaniEmperio ArmaniOy oldin
  • you and lazar should play valorant

    xFlowzxFlowzOy oldin
  • Fall guys

    Kai RoncoKai RoncoOy oldin
  • call of duty you and lazar beam vs yalls GF

    Katie PiaseckiKatie PiaseckiOy oldin
  • FRESH IS THE BEST UZworld EVER!!!!!!!!

    FN FusionFN FusionOy oldin
  • Hi

    Joseph EttelJoseph EttelOy oldin
  • Rocket league

    Ronald OrellanaRonald OrellanaOy oldin
  • Gta

    Ki11boy47Ki11boy47Oy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • 6.9 mil subs... nice

    Archie HagenArchie HagenOy oldin
  • 6.9 million subscribers let’s GO!!

    Cole SwaffardCole SwaffardOy oldin
  • yep

    Mofe ManlikiMofe ManlikiOy oldin
  • nice but do not become an everything nerd

    Mofe ManlikiMofe ManlikiOy oldin
  • gta 5

    Dallas GarzaDallas GarzaOy oldin
  • play pubG with lazaream...LOL

    Linear GamingLinear GamingOy oldin
  • Try warzone

    TRZ Snipez OkTRZ Snipez OkOy oldin
  • And on harly fresh music vedos

    Kids RamirezKids RamirezOy oldin
  • Fresh you should make fronite and among us and on your new channel mine craft and cyber puck on your new channel plz read my comets

    Kids RamirezKids RamirezOy oldin
  • I hate the bot gernads they're cheating

    Zack WilliamsZack WilliamsOy oldin
  • I loveeeeee your vids I watch all of them

    Oliver DetersOliver DetersOy oldin
  • I was your 7m sub✌️

    Brooke ReviewsBrooke ReviewsOy oldin
    • Omg he haven’t even reached 7 mil yet

      Sam’s AmazingSam’s AmazingOy oldin
  • I love all ur vids I always say I love ur vids ur da best

    Jay JayJay JayOy oldin
  • you should try valorant

    Phoenix GamerPhoenix GamerOy oldin
  • Play higrise it is mad weird or play roblox

    Alexandra RudmanAlexandra RudmanOy oldin
  • On the fresh fresh channel put more among us

    Super M'sSuper M'sOy oldin
  • I think fresh is getting his own skin

    Ahmed ImranAhmed ImranOy oldin
  • Oooooooo u have 6.9 subs😌

    Ayden EdejerAyden EdejerOy oldin
  • I was not playing when double pumps were there but I watch a tun of vids about it I played since chapter 2 because I wasn’t allowed to play then

    Maddison Fowler GamingMaddison Fowler GamingOy oldin
  • ModernWarfare Cold War

    Sis PlysSis PlysOy oldin
  • Try polygon on steam

    EchosEchosOy oldin
  • Pls play a bunch of Minecraft

    Gaspard DetheuxGaspard DetheuxOy oldin
  • Y’all should try Rocket League

    Daniel GoodwinDaniel GoodwinOy oldin
  • I’m sitting in quarantine and it sucks and watching your vids help

    Cameron GilletteCameron GilletteOy oldin
  • Apex legends

    Nicole KvinlaugNicole KvinlaugOy oldin
  • The people who are lucky enough to play with the legend “Fresh” :) luv you bro

    Game SmasherGame SmasherOy oldin
  • Why not just do it on this channel, and also the music do it here, you would get more views

    JinnChino The Noob KingJinnChino The Noob KingOy oldin
  • you should play Legend Of Zelda on switch. There's no multiplayer but its a totally awesome content/grindable game. It's so awesome trust me

    Bilaal KerimBilaal KerimOy oldin
  • Yeah definetly didnt steal an idea from HJDoogan

    PurplereuPurplereuOy oldin
  • You should play madden

    Henry BellrichardHenry BellrichardOy oldin
  • Even if it's pay to win

    Justin ZambranoJustin ZambranoOy oldin
  • You should play frag

    Justin ZambranoJustin ZambranoOy oldin
  • Minecraft is lame laserbeam heat Minecraft see you should play Minecraft with him fresh if you don’t I’m deleting your channel

    Autumn WoodAutumn WoodOy oldin
  • Hi sweety

    Yashas GuptaYashas GuptaOy oldin
  • agario/lords mobil u can choose

    enrique vercaemstenrique vercaemstOy oldin
  • you should play payday 2 (crime wave edition) with lazar beam

    cannongate model railwaycannongate model railwayOy oldin
  • Overwatch

    Coby StanfordCoby StanfordOy oldin
  • Ay fresh, you Should play Maybe like overcooked, or human fall flat, i recomend those games

    Rexandika AurelioRexandika AurelioOy oldin
  • The acrid whistle metrically hope because gazelle undeniably wriggle barring a devilish quince. needless, confused back

    Emily MelbaEmily MelbaOy oldin
  • Minecraft

    wannesdopwannesdopOy oldin
  • Yo fresh I think you should try playing rocket league

    XxSebi-DebixXXxSebi-DebixXOy oldin
  • In 2050 fresh is going to have other 50 accounts in UZworld lmao 😂

    Shahab MosawiShahab MosawiOy oldin
  • Hey Fresh, u probs wont c this but i think it would be sick if u played call of duty cold war

    Neo Malec-seryNeo Malec-seryOy oldin
  • apex legends!play it

    Ahmad KhanAhmad KhanOy oldin
  • Rocket league

    GP isaac fortniteGP isaac fortniteOy oldin
  • Hey, Fresh you should play Starwars Battlefront2 on FreshFresh. Its got awesome game modes, I suggest playing gallactic assault game mode. Its an awesome game mode.Its 20 v 20.

  • Play rogue company

    Matthew TranMatthew TranOy oldin
  • Go back to arena and competitive pls

    Matthew TranMatthew TranOy oldin

    Huxley Van RooyenHuxley Van RooyenOy oldin

    Huxley Van RooyenHuxley Van RooyenOy oldin