I replaced LAZARBEAM...

10-Okt, 2020
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  • Said hi

    Stef SchnitzerStef Schnitzer21 soat oldin
  • 2:09 ???

    DuhTrooformDuhTrooformKun oldin
  • im a 8 year old

    Patrick ConwayPatrick ConwayKun oldin
  • Idk if I was in a game with fresh I would screem but thes kids ack normal

    Jacob the maxJacob the maxKun oldin
  • Punken is the cutest little thing I swear

    Harry Potter AestheticsHarry Potter AestheticsKun oldin
  • My name is Jelly8408 and I use code fresh

    Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson2 kun oldin
  • I have you

    Jamil JonesJamil Jones2 kun oldin
    • I do not have

      Jamil JonesJamil Jones2 kun oldin

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  • Did anyone see that car

    reni dragreni drag3 kun oldin
  • every fresh video whats up guys and yes

    Peter CollinsPeter Collins4 kun oldin
  • On Saturday fresh I’m sending you a friend invite my name is Harry

    Stacey StylesStacey Styles4 kun oldin
  • 5:54 og = dead

    SamTIPASamTIPA4 kun oldin
  • 😭

    tiny to whotiny to who5 kun oldin
  • Yaeh same

    Play4saysPlay4says5 kun oldin
  • I use codefresh

    Umar ArshadUmar Arshad5 kun oldin
  • I you code fresh😹

    Umar ArshadUmar Arshad5 kun oldin
  • best vid eveR!!

    Phil BucklePhil Buckle6 kun oldin
  • Freshes old intro what's up gys yes his new ways up his yes bruh

    KevinSally WrightKevinSally Wright6 kun oldin
  • I left fortnite for a while during season 4 chapter 2

    VCGVCG6 kun oldin
  • He a bot

    Adrian CartyAdrian Carty7 kun oldin
  • Fresh: Gets 7 million subscribers in 2 years Me:gets 19 in 1 year

    taylentaylen2013taylentaylen20137 kun oldin
  • Fresh what is your phone number

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  • ill be your friend

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  • Happy new yesr

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  • Can you send me a friend request please fresh I new of fortnight please add me and tell lazarbeam I sed hi to him

    lazarbeam Fanlazarbeam Fan9 kun oldin
  • K

    kelvin coplandkelvin copland9 kun oldin
  • Bot

    Grandkids DawsonGrandkids Dawson9 kun oldin
  • puncken stoll the kill fresh nice i stoll my teamates kill teamate leaves the games

    Anton ZhyzneuskiAnton Zhyzneuski9 kun oldin
  • Fresh could you do random dous

    L2 Dairymilk AllenL2 Dairymilk Allen10 kun oldin
  • l ues code fresh

    Mousse MustafaMousse Mustafa10 kun oldin
  • Getting friends may be easy for u because your a famous youtuber but not when your a girl who's not as sweaty as u like me

    ruby ruby me meruby ruby me me10 kun oldin
  • Hey fresh will you play whit meet

    anton schmitzanton schmitz10 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: fresh friended pumcken

    Yoyo ThingzYoyo Thingz10 kun oldin
  • My friends cracked at fortnite hes level 589

    redbeargaming and legoredbeargaming and lego11 kun oldin
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    Nathan WrightNathan Wright11 kun oldin
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  • try muselk

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  • The CRAZY thing is that you have 160,000 VBUKS, THATS SOO MUCH

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  • I sud and hi

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  • I use your code

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  • Can u except my fortnight freand request I’m really good I’m a boy I don’t have a mike my name in fortnight is ziccoT

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  • 2.06 kkk? bruh

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  • Hi

    Prem KumarPrem Kumar14 kun oldin
  • My name is also Ashton

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  • friend chalky bear

    Tomer TzafrirTomer Tzafrir14 kun oldin
  • bro wtf freash

    julian garciajulian garcia14 kun oldin
  • I whant to be sweety like you

    Julius TinirauJulius Tinirau15 kun oldin
  • Your videos are cool and sweety

    Julius TinirauJulius Tinirau15 kun oldin
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    Julius TinirauJulius Tinirau15 kun oldin
  • Can you invite me my name in Fortnite is where Buffalo boy I’m getting

    Paige CairnsPaige Cairns15 kun oldin
  • I’m used code fresh

    Samuel MartzSamuel Martz15 kun oldin
  • 9.8K

    Adel MohaziaAdel Mohazia15 kun oldin
  • MysteriousKing19

    Kaval BramaniaKaval Bramania16 kun oldin
  • I almost see all of your videos

    Kaval BramaniaKaval Bramania16 kun oldin
  • Can you add me in friends please

    Kaval BramaniaKaval Bramania16 kun oldin
  • Fresh but you said if we have this win i will add you but you didn't

    김성호김성호16 kun oldin
  • Add me

    fortnite _Midasfortnite _Midas16 kun oldin
  • Like if fresh is “the nicest person to play fortnite.”

    TheKingHotDipTheKingHotDip17 kun oldin
  • I world love to play with you are my hero my nick name is DinisParis

    Dinis parisDinis paris17 kun oldin
  • Bro I was going to say what sup guys yes but go press thicc subscribe button

    fnaf fnaffnaf fnaf18 kun oldin
  • This is so. Happy sad for me

    Clarky SmithClarky Smith18 kun oldin
  • Code fresh in the item shop every body!!!!

    Madi DurkinMadi Durkin18 kun oldin
  • Yep

    Alexander NeboAlexander Nebo18 kun oldin
  • Love fresh

    Jaycob OrdunezJaycob Ordunez19 kun oldin
  • People watching this in covid

    Jose Angel HinojosaJose Angel Hinojosa19 kun oldin
  • The PogCov

    Joanna KraszewskaJoanna Kraszewska19 kun oldin
  • Bruh pukin

    Shelby StortsShelby Storts19 kun oldin
  • The ill-informed vein fourthly carve because piccolo startlingly level through a defiant ticket. capricious, lean puppy

    boutong zhengboutong zheng20 kun oldin
  • The photo More like laser beam is fresh old skin with his kondor skin

    FaderGyserFaderGyser20 kun oldin
  • My wish is to play with you but I love in Scotland and you are in Australia and it is so so annoying so fresh I you will always be my favourite person ever

    Caitlin DalrympleCaitlin Dalrymple20 kun oldin
  • The she hulk skin sighed and left lmfaoo🤣🤣

    DarkkDarkk20 kun oldin
  • I use code Fresh

    Crazy DaniCrazy Dani20 kun oldin
  • I used your code in fortnite

    Fortnite Gaming YakimovFortnite Gaming Yakimov21 kun oldin
  • imagine lazarbeam seeing this video

    esha amiresha amir21 kun oldin
  • Ayyyyy 7 mil

    parker triplettparker triplett21 kun oldin
  • Your a good youtuber if you you wanna add me is keytime

    Maria plescanMaria plescan22 kun oldin
  • If fresh comes on my game i die 100000% can i get a heart from u plz

    bini sunilbini sunil22 kun oldin
  • One sec , did he even add the kid 🤨🤣

  • That sound like you’re son

    22nd Power22nd Power23 kun oldin
  • I wish I could play with fresh first I gotta use code fresh

    ramdom dose of internetramdom dose of internet23 kun oldin
  • He is so close yo 7 million

    toyeboye 86toyeboye 8623 kun oldin
  • LOL you got a new friend

    Lucca CaccamiseLucca Caccamise23 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Lucca CaccamiseLucca Caccamise23 kun oldin
  • Intro: lazarbeam trying to talk to fresh while he is making new friends, fresh “Lazarbeam has been neglecting me” Me: confusión

    Asmr OceanxAsmr Oceanx24 kun oldin
  • did he actually call him ashley once?

    Vipex GamingVipex Gaming24 kun oldin
  • More please

    Jacques ImmelmanJacques Immelman25 kun oldin
  • Did Ashton get his add :) btw this video was very nice

    ZachZach25 kun oldin
  • Fresh you’re the best I watch you all day :) freind me plz my name I Greenies8158 I’m on Xbox I’m bad

    Flaming playsFlaming plays26 kun oldin
  • you did this on my b day

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  • Fresh play motal kombat

    Zakk SvobodaZakk Svoboda26 kun oldin