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  • Why are you on level 22

    MckenzieMckenzie4 soat oldin
  • Hi

    Aarav MatoleAarav Matole5 soat oldin
  • Can I have one plz

    I’m cracked At fortniteI’m cracked At fortnite5 soat oldin
  • Welcome to my world fresh

    Mahir DadaMahir Dada9 soat oldin
  • I mean when I connect my keyboard to mine I don’t feel the delay but he’s used to the best stuff so that’s y

    Galvin the monkeyGalvin the monkey10 soat oldin
  • He was complaining about input delay when I had to learn on it and never complained

    Rozzer lickyRozzer licky10 soat oldin
  • Bro I do this and there is no input delay

  • i play kbm on ps4

    Hunter CaldwellHunter CaldwellKun oldin
  • I play console keybsar and mouse and I'm like what u on about input delay there is none

    Croc 569Croc 5692 kun oldin
  • bot

    Bxn FNBxn FN2 kun oldin
  • Lol stop complaining its absaloutley fine

    CS hidedout xCS hidedout x2 kun oldin
  • To boost its circle on controller

    Jim RobinsonJim Robinson2 kun oldin
  • Nintendo switch layers be like:theres grass and clouds in fortnite?

    Walid SabrWalid Sabr3 kun oldin
  • im on pc but used to play on ps4 you just have to be good

    Luc4 JTLuc4 JT3 kun oldin
  • Whole vid and excuse.. unless your ping was like mine yesterday at 250 you have an excuse but other than that there is basically not delay.

    Parkstergamer8Parkstergamer83 kun oldin
  • Fresh you know those were just bots Right???!!!

    Austin MullalyAustin Mullaly3 kun oldin
  • OMG what Happened Fresh With Your EDITS You Bot

    XEoticZX clanXEoticZX clan3 kun oldin
  • Guys i plug a keyboard and mouse in my PS4 anyway

    Dan_gleeballs 69Dan_gleeballs 693 kun oldin
  • I’m playing fortnite on keyboard on PS4 tho

    Josiah KaivanangaJosiah Kaivananga3 kun oldin
  • Plaz loke

    hi 1800hi 18004 kun oldin
  • Trevis

    hi 1800hi 18004 kun oldin
  • Ok

    Seba WoszczynskiSeba Woszczynski4 kun oldin
  • If you kill some one you should swich to controller plzz

    Skye fat PooSkye fat Poo4 kun oldin
  • Not only input delay but also 60 fps

    xd sniperxd sniper4 kun oldin
  • not me

    Billy Kirby-CarterBilly Kirby-Carter5 kun oldin
  • Anyone else on PS3 still 😭

    LinksLinks5 kun oldin
  • Why is the bus like that?

    Felix ReidFelix Reid5 kun oldin
  • Fresh do that vid when Tesa chooses your drop in season five

    retroFNretroFN6 kun oldin
  • I play ps5 with keyboard and mouse it’s really easy

    Maj LoweryMaj Lowery6 kun oldin
  • fresh jumps on scroll up 🤔🤔🤔

    FAD_ClanFAD_Clan6 kun oldin
  • Stop being a baby. I play keyboard and mouse on PS4 and it’s fine

    Noah PapadopoulosNoah Papadopoulos7 kun oldin
  • bruh i play keyboard and mouse on ps4 600 earnings

    ASAP txensASAP txens7 kun oldin
  • I got the xbox series x

    Joshua Betesh-miccioloJoshua Betesh-micciolo8 kun oldin
  • Ps5

    Alexandra SaltzmanAlexandra Saltzman8 kun oldin
  • i am proly the bes 20 fps fortnut player here idk what you complain about i play kbm and get 20 and under

    BH XickBH Xick9 kun oldin
  • Who misses the pump

    Big boi ChungusBig boi Chungus9 kun oldin
  • I know I’m not ganna get picked by u but can I please win a ps5 or Xbox series x idc witch one just please fresh I love ur vids and I smacked thag THICK subscribe button

    Grant A GoatGrant A Goat9 kun oldin
  • His boost had no keybind

    Zach GemZach Gem9 kun oldin
  • i play consol keyboard and mouse and its fine

    jkairedzprojkairedzpro10 kun oldin
  • 5$ dono

    Celso NuñezCelso Nuñez10 kun oldin
  • Hey fresh how is there Input delay tho on PS4 there isn’t

    1sol8ed1sol8ed10 kun oldin
  • I do keyboard and mouse on ps4

    JJGamesJJGames10 kun oldin
  • I used code fresh so.... use code fresh!

    Alicia VeraAlicia Vera10 kun oldin
  • I personally do not like ps5

    Trudy VoyseyTrudy Voysey10 kun oldin
  • Im still on the ps4😑

    The Dooley BrothersThe Dooley Brothers11 kun oldin
  • Noice

    Gapple 92Gapple 9211 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Mike MaguireMike Maguire11 kun oldin
  • I am on ps5

    Vihaan GovindVihaan Govind11 kun oldin
  • Me

    jamie mcphersonjamie mcpherson11 kun oldin
  • I love ur vids!

    Ruebie O'ToolRuebie O'Tool12 kun oldin
  • Me

    Tylor StephensTylor Stephens12 kun oldin
  • i just switched to kbm on ps4 and i’m literally ass. the only reason i’m switching is because i’m getting a pc soon and new peripherals

    TheReaper007TheReaper00712 kun oldin
  • what mouse are u using fresh

    jonarajonara12 kun oldin
  • If I had a nickel for every time he said input delay I would have a ps5 now🤣

    Rapidfire 2kRapidfire 2k12 kun oldin
  • I'm on nintendo

    Jacob HillJacob Hill12 kun oldin
  • fresh are u using aimbot dude???

    Andile MoyoAndile Moyo13 kun oldin
  • Now you know how me and the console players feel

    Its Jack534Its Jack53413 kun oldin
  • When he says he dont recommend keyboard and mouse on console but u guyd go and check my main channel vids Ghoulz_ zenith and also sub as well

    Lego ModsLego Mods14 kun oldin
  • 3:10 macros

    NOT_ROOKYNOT_ROOKY14 kun oldin
  • suggestion even tho u prob wont do this again, you can turn your mouse sensitivity up if you have buttons for that, also i use keyboard and mouse on console and have no input delay on the lowest sensitivity my mouse can have

    Vaxis542Vaxis54214 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or is it just so satisfying watchin him clap ppl in fortnite 🤟🏽

    YoboySavageYoboySavage14 kun oldin
  • R u sure it’s not ur aim instead of blaming on the delay

    Taysian BreedyTaysian Breedy14 kun oldin
  • why is his jump button on his mouse

  • Who here is watching in 2021

    Drew Awesome watchDrew Awesome watch15 kun oldin
  • i am and broke my tv bc i got killed by a bot

    Sheldon TousignantSheldon Tousignant15 kun oldin
  • Stop complaining about input delay on the switch there’s input delay and even if it’s little I still fell good because it’s like a 2 milisecond delay you have not even a milisecond and your complaining play on 60 to 100 ping to see that your really gonna be screaming (not really but who cares sooty for long comment)

    GamerDj 101proGamerDj 101pro15 kun oldin
  • 1v1 me on ps5

    Matthew TanglaoMatthew Tanglao15 kun oldin
  • CEO of blaming bad aim for input delay

    SquaxzySquaxzy15 kun oldin
  • fornit

    Deterrius PercyDeterrius Percy16 kun oldin
  • fresh play ps4

    Deterrius PercyDeterrius Percy16 kun oldin
  • For some reason on the ps4 keyboard and mouse feels so smoth Like theres no delay

    Andrei Cosmin BalareanuAndrei Cosmin Balareanu16 kun oldin
  • Can I get a ps5 that’s my dream I always want one but I can’t find one

    Ansley HoweAnsley Howe16 kun oldin
  • Me

    Ansley HoweAnsley Howe16 kun oldin
  • counting down the days until fresh says "Whats up guys, no."

    Kevin ShinKevin Shin16 kun oldin
  • U posted this on my birthday

    Noah lawrenceNoah lawrence16 kun oldin
  • I got mine for Christmas a ps5

    4InBoii Jay4InBoii Jay17 kun oldin
  • Fresh: THE INPUT DELAY!!!! Us Switch Players:..............................

    NaytNayt17 kun oldin
  • Height quality iron man - Harley Fresh 2020

    Burhan RahmanBurhan Rahman17 kun oldin
  • The clouds tho

    TjTj18 kun oldin
  • fresh pls add me Hawkmonster448 l

    Luke MerrickLuke Merrick18 kun oldin
  • In the description down below I’m giving away 10 consoles Me:ooh Description:*ended*

    H4N 4L1H4N 4L118 kun oldin
  • And there is mouse acceleration btw

    Weston HammondWeston Hammond18 kun oldin
  • U literally look like a prisinor in the thumbnail

    Its RhythmIts Rhythm18 kun oldin
  • how

    Cayden WalkerCayden Walker18 kun oldin
  • Fresh says he bad but he's better then me on PS5 with keyboard

    FW_GoodboyFW_Goodboy18 kun oldin
  • FRESH I BEN whching you for st lest 2 yeas i would love a ps5

    Tyson SavageTyson Savage18 kun oldin
  • Hate to be rude but you’re are very bad with the delay

    Tara MolinaTara Molina18 kun oldin
  • Why do you leave mainly all the mythics

    UnstoppableUnstoppable19 kun oldin
  • Has he heard of a wired mouse

    Tip Top TimoTip Top Timo19 kun oldin
  • Him complaining about impute delay me playing on a ps4 on k&m every day

    Jake BlindtJake Blindt19 kun oldin
  • Fresh:"I fixed the delay and stuff Also fresh: OMG INPUT DELAY!!!!

    Kane SwanginKane Swangin19 kun oldin
  • I love you fresh

    Myles MoehlisMyles Moehlis20 kun oldin
  • I have the xbox1 and I play with kebord and Mouse it is a lot better on Xbox you should try it

    Karson All the wayKarson All the way20 kun oldin
  • oh no

    Tabby MemesTabby Memes20 kun oldin
  • I play on PS4 and don t hva imput delay

    PLEBEX & MikiPLEBEX & Miki20 kun oldin
  • can you do xbox series x vid

    Jj & Gili playsJj & Gili plays20 kun oldin
  • the sounde were very quiet...

    HubbaBubba274HubbaBubba27420 kun oldin
  • You should do keyboard and mouse on Xbox series X

    Hydro BenzyHydro Benzy20 kun oldin
  • Haha

    Aahaan RathiAahaan Rathi20 kun oldin
  • You cant beat my Friend fresh

    Aahaan RathiAahaan Rathi20 kun oldin