19-Dek, 2020
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  • At Christmas time fresh’s UZworld profile picture should be a candy cane

    Shauna BuhrShauna Buhr24 kun oldin
  • Merry Christmas

    Amber RauAmber Rau24 kun oldin
  • You can get them in presents and air drops/supply drop

    Flaming playsFlaming plays26 kun oldin
  • 8:28 just a plane passing by

    twhl2006twhl200627 kun oldin

    Caleb MadridCaleb MadridOy oldin
    • It’s just a glitch

      Angelena PhillipsAngelena Phillips28 kun oldin
  • Noice

    Altie-axeAltie-axeOy oldin
  • fresh ur piloting skills are about as bright as me ass

    Blade GTBlade GTOy oldin
  • now we cant rotate properly with planes and bots

    VytxVytxOy oldin

    Djtecko EntertainmentDjtecko EntertainmentOy oldin
  • The craven bottom predominantly squeak because married contrastingly reproduce aside a relieved dinosaur. slim, uncovered cemetery

    Iris DunnIris DunnOy oldin
  • Fresh with the biggest clutch up!

    Jimmy BOIJimmy BOIOy oldin
  • u are so close to 7millon

    james shultzjames shultzOy oldin
  • Sneaky snowman are at john wick's house

    R GuestR GuestOy oldin
  • You can get the exotic form the presents

    HQ QassimHQ QassimOy oldin
  • merry christmas fresh!

    pinyatapinyataOy oldin
  • They where trying to hard in they lose to a 2 1 just quit the game

    Sky hectorSky hectorOy oldin
  • Fresh has macro edits

    Rob CartRob CartOy oldin
  • Ur in a pickle my guy

    Rex StoneRex StoneOy oldin
  • I’m already subbed to fresh fresh

    Rex StoneRex StoneOy oldin
  • Supppp

    Rex StoneRex StoneOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas laserbeam and fresh

    Anothers TreasureAnothers TreasureOy oldin
  • I hope glean doesn't does anything illegal to my account

    Guru Sharan MehrotraGuru Sharan MehrotraOy oldin
  • Whats up guys Yes

    Meme StarMeme StarOy oldin
  • Anyone realised that this is fresh' 666th vid on yt!?

    SmugnessSmugnessOy oldin
  • I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from *_burcang .com_*

    pauluskkapauluskkaOy oldin
    • The comment under u literally says that

      Benjamin CarnevaleBenjamin CarnevaleOy oldin
  • Fresh try to make a video that has 50 kills

    Lachlan JohnstonLachlan JohnstonOy oldin
  • When he said “I can’t see because if my big p-candy cane” 😳😳😳

    Kai HayesKai HayesOy oldin
  • Pls fresh put back your old intro song again I love your vids

    Saadi BhattiSaadi BhattiOy oldin
  • say if i win the the fresh gaming set up how do you collect it

    Kade RotumahKade RotumahOy oldin
  • 3:44 I’ve never heard fresh laugh that hard 😂😂😂

    Michael ShammaaMichael ShammaaOy oldin
    • 3:54

      Michael ShammaaMichael ShammaaOy oldin
  • Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    Phillip seawardPhillip seawardOy oldin
  • Fresh: i cant see cuz of my big pe...... candycane head😁

    ZvLS TeraByteZvLS TeraByteOy oldin
  • 556aaaaararaaatata

    Henoc NiskaHenoc NiskaOy oldin
  • Fresh and lazar arguing are just precious! :)

    Aviral KrishnaAviral KrishnaOy oldin
  • Yes its me

    yes its me the oneyes its me the oneOy oldin
  • Fresh can do anything also love ya content fresh keep it up I'm inspired by you🙂

    ramdom dose of internetramdom dose of internetOy oldin
  • saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #11: yes

    SentinelSentinelOy oldin
  • i use your code!!

    Peter HoltPeter HoltOy oldin
  • Me my guy

    Therese FarmerTherese FarmerOy oldin
  • I like Lannan being in the vids again

    Hadden CurrenHadden CurrenOy oldin
  • Rip winter fest cabin, sad boi hours

    Edward GarciaEdward GarciaOy oldin
  • Weird how I watch all ur vids but just subed

    Tyler AdkinsTyler AdkinsOy oldin
  • That person who killed you with aimbot killed me

    Travis WilliamsTravis WilliamsOy oldin
  • "the planes going forward how to i accelerate" -Fresh 2020

    OTF _600OTF _600Oy oldin
  • Hi

    I like ya cut gI like ya cut gOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

    Seth HarteneckSeth HarteneckOy oldin
  • Fresh is such a god with the snow ball launcher. Merry Christmas

    Seth HarteneckSeth HarteneckOy oldin
  • merry christmas

    aivars tirzmalisaivars tirzmalisOy oldin
  • How can i get more? than 1800 gleam points in this giveaway.

    Aura loopAura loopOy oldin
  • Who else saw lazarbeams live stream for this

    zachzachOy oldin
  • ive never drove a plane before and once i did i was a better pilot than fresh

    Carter WardCarter WardOy oldin
  • Every bounty I get is Jennifer Walters

    ann ryanann ryanOy oldin
  • Lazerbeam the whole video: YOU IDIOT 😂

    carson cool guycarson cool guyOy oldin
  • Fresh is a good pilot

    carson cool guycarson cool guyOy oldin

    Nam NguyenNam NguyenOy oldin
  • I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from *_burcang .com_*

    jackson chasejackson chaseOy oldin
    • Easy tutorial on how to download a virus on your computer

      Lily PloverLily PloverOy oldin
    • wow I get my v bucks from ACTUALLY BUYING THEM

      RYAAN AAQIL Muslimabad CampusRYAAN AAQIL Muslimabad CampusOy oldin
    • No

      VR MushroomVR MushroomOy oldin
    • Bot.

      Austin PrechtAustin PrechtOy oldin
  • you get the big chill rom presents

    Michael BrownMichael BrownOy oldin
  • This was the nuttiest clutch I've ever seen. Fresh is ridiculous.

    HolyFetusFaceHolyFetusFaceOy oldin
  • 9:32 Fresh: why is everyone playing so sweaty?! *Fresh 1 minute later: 10:32

    StarzStarzOy oldin
  • Lazarbeam and fresh should get a matching tattoo

    JazJazOy oldin
  • Please fresh I really want a pc to make content my dad really wants to get me one and he works 60 hours a day and he can’t afford one

    Yo- DownYo- DownOy oldin
  • Has anyone else’s gold been reset

    Zak LyonZak LyonOy oldin
  • I love fresh but I am not as good as him at fortnite 😭

    J and B play’s FortniteJ and B play’s FortniteOy oldin
  • Fresh you are the best plaer

    Ashley Wood7Ashley Wood7Oy oldin
  • Add me on fortnite

    India GreenIndia GreenOy oldin
  • Fresh if he is high: 8:01

    LilslimothyLilslimothyOy oldin

    Mrbean877Mrbean877Oy oldin
  • Fresh I done all the entries I can to enter the give away

    Cooper MarshCooper MarshOy oldin
  • Shut up

    ItzPug DougItzPug DougOy oldin
  • 10:0

    EuropeEuropeOy oldin
  • 9:99

    EuropeEuropeOy oldin
  • 9:999

    EuropeEuropeOy oldin
  • If I get one more Jon Ossoff add...

    Bois NationBois NationOy oldin
  • Entering your giveaway

    DavidonnextgenDavidonnextgenOy oldin
  • Faze5

    Badr ‘Badr ‘Oy oldin
  • Hi

    J.E. T.J.E. T.Oy oldin
  • You can get the Mythic‘p Out of presents

    Bryce HamlinBryce HamlinOy oldin
  • 30

  • Almost 99 percent of people wont see this but my god bless you all and have a wonderfull day stay safe stay healthy and dont forget to always smile

    Sulyman BakareSulyman BakareOy oldin
  • You are so I love your videos

    Dylan LanthierDylan LanthierOy oldin
  • You XX

    Dylan LanthierDylan LanthierOy oldin
  • Your Emotes In The Item Shop Today

    StarkzStarkzOy oldin
  • Challenge you can only eliminate people in an car

    Unversed moonUnversed moonOy oldin
  • Road to 7 million 🔥

    Abhiraj KohliAbhiraj KohliOy oldin
  • Laden 40 people landing here fresh let's go to planes

    Becky BakerBecky BakerOy oldin
  • Fun fact: 1% of the people watching will see this so if you do, have a good Christmas 🙂

    NRC ClipzNRC ClipzOy oldin
    • Cause your comment is 3rd

      Vivaan SinglaVivaan SinglaOy oldin
    • Nah mate it's 80%

      Vivaan SinglaVivaan SinglaOy oldin
  • After lazarbeam is bot now fresh is a bot

    Mohd AidilMohd AidilOy oldin
  • Did you know you can get big chill on presents

    Jacob NuttallJacob NuttallOy oldin
  • fresh im buying the tossie slied emote with useing code fresh pls give me a heart

    hasan ali amin all series pro gamerhasan ali amin all series pro gamerOy oldin
  • I don’t have internet so I can’t play this update and I really want to

    Ryker BakerRyker BakerOy oldin
  • I got a exotic from the presents!

    Tyler BaeTyler BaeOy oldin
  • Fresh do planes only challenge

    Fearless Alpha On ytFearless Alpha On ytOy oldin
  • Best pilot i ever seen

    Aprial TrihandyAprial TrihandyOy oldin
  • Check the Item shop

    Idris KureshiIdris KureshiOy oldin
  • In Fortnite you’re emot is back

    Idris KureshiIdris KureshiOy oldin
  • What about your emails and to go to the shop

    Idris KureshiIdris KureshiOy oldin
  • bring the old intro back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Jxiden YTJxiden YTOy oldin
  • What’s up guys? Yes.

    HyP3rrHyP3rrOy oldin
  • Fresh please ask epic to make your own bundle with the green skin back bling and pick axe of your choice and the pumpernickel emote please

    tyrell johnsontyrell johnsonOy oldin
  • Gorgeous! 👩🏼🦳👱🏼

    Angela GrenierAngela GrenierOy oldin