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  • Mushrooms are actually fungi cuz they don t produce they're own food

    Francesca CardoneFrancesca Cardone12 kun oldin
  • Fresh actually still knows things he learned from school lol

    Priyanka LankaPriyanka Lanka13 kun oldin
  • I main that beautiful skin.

    toxxintoxxin14 kun oldin

    Youssif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9oYoussif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9o18 kun oldin
  • He got 7 mil

    PmanPman22 kun oldin
  • Actually the final player was me

    Ranesh SankhlaRanesh Sankhla25 kun oldin
  • Mushrooms r not plants they are actually decomposers

    Thicc boi SutartThicc boi Sutart25 kun oldin
  • what are the Codes

    Jax WardJax Ward26 kun oldin
  • 1:53 Does anyone know what the music he uses there is called, like Ik the other 2 music's he uses for build fights and his Victory music as soon as he kills the guy for the W. But I would really like to know what that one is called

    DemonKing 101DemonKing 10128 kun oldin
  • Sick thumbnail fresh

    Brian PryorBrian Pryor28 kun oldin
  • that purple skye was definitely way better at the game

    NickemonNickemonOy oldin
  • fresh how do i get my fortnite account back on my switch

    Alicia KentAlicia KentOy oldin
  • I got it

    Linda ToomeyLinda ToomeyOy oldin
  • Plz give me the last laugh bundle plz

    Nicoli SimoneNicoli SimoneOy oldin
  • fresh you ran over an innocent player

  • You could have ate the’s poop could be fertilizer

    ThebroBrody _ytThebroBrody _ytOy oldin
  • Fresh is trash

    Ant HadAnt HadOy oldin
  • helps plants migrate lmao

    Jordan FerenceJordan FerenceOy oldin
  • Fresh: WOW SHE THICC few seconds later: LEAVE ME ALONE YOU WEIRDO

    bob boibob boiOy oldin
  • Nice bro ❤️

    kid gamerkid gamerOy oldin
  • noarrrr narot a-gain ahahahhaha

    Samantha VidanaSamantha VidanaOy oldin
  • Ok to be fair mushrooms are fungi they can't make there own food and i hate poison ivy

    Wasan SoubWasan SoubOy oldin
  • Fresh I'm watching your stream and I'm not trying to scream snipe you I was just streaming but then somehow I got in your game

    Trae TraeTrae TraeOy oldin
  • Junger Gamer startet durch. Gen Alpha Gamer hat dein Kanal gesehen und findet es cool. Sieh bitte auch meine MiniWars an und bewerte sie

    Gen Alpha GamerGen Alpha GamerOy oldin
  • Fresh you are so goooooooooooooooooooood

    yeeting ninja yeetyeeting ninja yeetOy oldin
  • Fun Fact: Fungi and mushrooms are not plants. They are actually closer to being animals than they are to being plants.

    Julian HollandJulian HollandOy oldin
  • Wtf

    Jacqueline KingJacqueline KingOy oldin
  • Wtr

    Jacqueline KingJacqueline KingOy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • Dude how could you she is thick so you really made a mistake

    Karla AlcarazKarla AlcarazOy oldin
  • It was me that was killed by him

    Shawnese ForneyShawnese ForneyOy oldin
  • He: mushrooms are plants 6yr old me preety shure it doesnt

    IcedEDO_DARKIcedEDO_DARKOy oldin

    CakerManCakerManOy oldin
  • After he became this thiccc skin he’s been stuck a lot more 😅😅😅

    B1aZe ClipzB1aZe ClipzOy oldin
  • The poor deodorant numerically frighten because lettuce expectably rub excluding a plant judge. damp, future futuristic virgo

    Hoyt SteinkeHoyt SteinkeOy oldin
  • sup i was the one with the purple pump

    Dante GuerraDante GuerraOy oldin
  • The warm sponge clinically heat because shield feraly found with a frantic okra. volatile, wretched biology

    Phillips CalebPhillips CalebOy oldin
  • You did 140 damage not 149 damage with the car

    Daniel JustDaniel JustOy oldin
  • Hello I am new

    tomika graytomika grayOy oldin
  • mushrooms are not plant dude

    Aslanov FaridAslanov FaridOy oldin
  • i like plants

    YeetingNoodle604YeetingNoodle604Oy oldin
  • Mushrooms are Fungi

    Henry GaskellHenry GaskellOy oldin
  • How do u enter

    MorganRogers112MorganRogers112Oy oldin
  • Who realizes he used peppers

    Pogers MomentsPogers MomentsOy oldin
    • Peppers are from plants

      • •Angel-Gacha• •• •Angel-Gacha• •Oy oldin
  • Discord told me to drop a Quick Fresh like and I am happy I did

    Floxre_ytFloxre_ytOy oldin
    • It was 1 week ago

      Floxre_ytFloxre_ytOy oldin
  • Fresh shouldn’t be allowed to use cars since they make smoke

    Shadow_ MasterShadow_ MasterOy oldin
  • How you get the last lagh bundle

    Sophie v. jensenSophie v. jensenOy oldin
  • pls can you gift me the battle pass

    jameia Mohammedjameia MohammedOy oldin
  • im such a big fan

    jameia Mohammedjameia MohammedOy oldin
  • When he has a gray he knows he can upgrade right?

    Connor CarrilloConnor CarrilloOy oldin
  • .....

    Lionel Tristan DamantaLionel Tristan DamantaOy oldin
  • POV: U are not watching in full screen U are in bed your socks off like if one of them were right

    randy timsonrandy timsonOy oldin
  • of course you gonna get ganged on SHE THICK

    Silly PicturesSilly PicturesOy oldin
  • Omg did that say 149

    Cjk BossCjk BossOy oldin
  • "Am stuck" Fresh 2020

    Moaz SulimanMoaz SulimanOy oldin
  • Pickle pickle

    John WalshJohn WalshOy oldin
  • i would love the pack

    Ashton LangleyAshton LangleyOy oldin
  • and i am subbed

    Ashton LangleyAshton LangleyOy oldin
  • i like all your vidoes

    Ashton LangleyAshton LangleyOy oldin
  • plz fresh i dont get a lot of stuff i am lucky to even get a game sytem plzzzzz

    Ashton LangleyAshton LangleyOy oldin
  • I don’t have any social media now I’m sad so I can’t do many of the entry’s for the giveaway

    Jacob MosserJacob MosserOy oldin
  • can i please get a code btw use code fresh in the fortnite item shoppppppp

    Rat_on_ytRat_on_ytOy oldin
  • ther was a grey pump u could upp grade

    Isidra MunozIsidra MunozOy oldin
  • When Fresh has a crush on his own skin...

    The Koala GamersThe Koala GamersOy oldin
  • i need the bundle but 1 milions and milions of people watch you so what are the chances

    Twins4life gamingTwins4life gamingOy oldin
  • Ho

    Dheer ChhabraDheer ChhabraOy oldin
  • who thinks fresh use a facecam in his next vid

    Shaurya SharmaShaurya SharmaOy oldin
  • Fresh: Did that say 149? Me: What's up guys, YES.

    Trenton EricksenTrenton EricksenOy oldin
  • Cool

    Splater 123Splater 123Oy oldin
  • I'm really sorry I was the guy that almost killed u at the start

    Shannan BalgShannan BalgOy oldin
  • Can I please have the the Midas Rex and the joker and the in the poison ivy pack please I need the I subscribed and and I used your code your item on

    Edward GonzalezEdward GonzalezOy oldin
  • i love your videos fresh you my favorite youtuber

    ЮраЮраOy oldin
  • Can you gift me it cause I been playing since chapter 1 season 1 and I still don't have a skin except for battle pass skins starting at season x

    Jeremiah Jean BaptisteJeremiah Jean BaptisteOy oldin
  • Did he just say an impulse grenade helps plants migrate?

    Lauren DanielsLauren DanielsOy oldin
  • This kid is so mad he says swear words. He's to young to even do that. Shouldn't even do that anyways.

    Brandi TaylorBrandi TaylorOy oldin
  • The Xbox and ps5 giveaway

    Jeff GlennJeff GlennOy oldin
  • When will you tell us who won

    Jeff GlennJeff GlennOy oldin
  • Play mind craft

    Lydia TrailleLydia TrailleOy oldin
  • Bru Nice

    PureEclipse13PureEclipse13Oy oldin
  • Yo i liked and subbed i would love to have the last laugh bundle

    Death IODeath IOOy oldin
  • I miss school to watch all your videos

    Random. LoserRandom. LoserOy oldin
  • “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀

    steph vanegassteph vanegasOy oldin
  • Bot it’s still a good vido

    Skyline BoySkyline BoyOy oldin
  • How are you gonna water plant when your all the way up in a tower

    Skyline BoySkyline BoyOy oldin
  • Wow the most creative content I've ever seen.

    DavyDood_ 768DavyDood_ 768Oy oldin
  • I want to have a code

    Bebo MorenoBebo MorenoOy oldin
  • Y isn’t my subscribe button thick enough.

    Ding LowalDing LowalOy oldin
  • "It isnt out yet" Exscuse moi?

    Lhord BalismonLhord BalismonOy oldin
  • Mushrooms aren’t plants...

    It’s PeaxchyxxIt’s PeaxchyxxOy oldin
  • Like 2 minutes after he said I might not Evan need the groot baller😅😅

    Hector RamosHector RamosOy oldin
  • fresh pls help out YT_INNERSLOTH pls gift him any skin from item shop plss

  • can you give me a code for the last laugh bundle i use code fresh in the item shop

    Armando👽Armando👽Oy oldin
  • It helps plants migrate? Really Fresh? I know you're a dropout but come on Man!

    Gumball WattersonGumball WattersonOy oldin
  • Fresh: can only use the green weapons Me: trucks are grey

    Vaughan DuncanVaughan DuncanOy oldin
  • I live in number 74 com to my house

    Gui PinaGui PinaOy oldin
  • I am in England giv me ps5 ok i am Rodrigo

    Gui PinaGui PinaOy oldin
  • Can you do a giveaway

    Talha gamingTalha gamingOy oldin
  • Hi

    Talha gamingTalha gamingOy oldin
  • Please give my the skin jdfedich13 level 260

    Kate FedichKate FedichOy oldin
  • Yo fresh I'm a fan I have been here since you did challenges in season 6.I found out about u through lazarbeams channel.i would appreciate it if you heart or reply to this comment,keep up the good work my boi👍

    Wa WaWa WaOy oldin