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  • 2:33 no wait this built in emote

    Reagan SmithReagan Smith2 soat oldin
  • 2:31 that built in emote

    Reagan SmithReagan Smith2 soat oldin
  • Ever notice he alwayyyyyyyyyyys says what’s up guys yess

    BashBoy AmazingToysBashBoy AmazingToys3 soat oldin
  • Green is sus and red 2 lol

    Isaac Earthy 28Isaac Earthy 28Kun oldin

    Rexi ScottRexi Scott2 kun oldin
  • Best season yet

    jaclynp214jaclynp2143 kun oldin
  • Fresh:*walks through the whole battlepass* Me:*Buys the first second i see it*

    Nazeer ShittuNazeer Shittu3 kun oldin
  • Thiccccest grogu...

    StarwarsboyStarwarsboy6 kun oldin
  • I thought he said ten tickles

    BlackSanzzBlackSanzz12 kun oldin
  • When he said tenticalls

    BlackSanzzBlackSanzz12 kun oldin
  • So fresh doesn’t know what styles are

    Hazem MostafaHazem Mostafa13 kun oldin
  • Day:964906 of waiting for him to say whassup guys no

    Mark RichardsonMark Richardson13 kun oldin
  • yoda is 50 in season 5

    Jackson GamerJackson Gamer14 kun oldin
  • We can see IO guards in the trailer

    yexotic gamingyexotic gaming16 kun oldin
  • God bless all of you guys

    kelvin TTV-switchkelvin TTV-switch18 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad the tac shotgun is coming back like every Fortnite streamer. P. S. it’s my favorite shotgun

    NicoNico19 kun oldin
  • Kondor looks like a evil fresh skin

  • Holy where's Lannan your watchin anime you're getting gronded

  • Fresh: What's up guys Me: no

    mostapha chaarani2007mostapha chaarani200721 kun oldin
  • PP is back ...

    SnakooY GamerSnakooY Gamer23 kun oldin
    • Hes home town

      DRM MilanDRM Milan21 kun oldin
  • Fresh honestly thinks every season is cringe at this point, lol

    HolydudeHolydude24 kun oldin
  • you skipped a loading screen

    Jack HarveyJack Harvey24 kun oldin
  • 8:03baby Yoder

    Jim RobertsonJim Robertson25 kun oldin
  • the person that is talking on the phone is Jules from chapter 2 season 3 battle pass 0:47

    Natalie KekahunaNatalie Kekahuna27 kun oldin
  • Why does this vid have 666 dislikes?! I think it's trynna tell us something...

    Mr_ NoobertMr_ Noobert29 kun oldin
  • 666 dislikes

    ii29 kun oldin
  • Me,an anime fan, finding out fortnite now has anime.😎😎

    Skinny BurritoSkinny BurritoOy oldin
  • Bet you fresh will change his code to thicc in 2021

    Alikethree4 GamesAlikethree4 GamesOy oldin
  • like cmon am i the only one who realized the rift that took galactis back to where he came from is the same rift that was trying to stop the rocket in season 3 adviously it would be related to the seven

    Danielle HamptonDanielle HamptonOy oldin
  • Did anybody else notice a lot of Ms, • Mandorlorian • Mancake • Mave • Menace

    Flame FanFlame FanOy oldin
  • I go to school but lazerbeam is better

    Cherie Nelson JonesCherie Nelson JonesOy oldin
  • only use gold wepons

    J J Nagi GamingJ J Nagi GamingOy oldin
  • baby yoda is why i want the battle pass

    Dream talesDream talesOy oldin
  • Dang the subscribe button is very thicc😅😂🤣

    xt brice xt bricext brice xt briceOy oldin
  • Its not fukin baby yoda

    ᕙOy oldin
  • I don’t get the monetization of fortnite, so people pay for a battle pass only to not have access to the content anymore cuz the new season rolls around?

    Dynasty StarDynasty StarOy oldin

    LJ Llama DramaLJ Llama DramaOy oldin
  • FRESH IS THE BEST UZworld EVER!!!!!!!!

    FN FusionFN FusionOy oldin
  • Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    joshua Dietloffjoshua DietloffOy oldin
  • 6.6mill subs hAHAHAHAHHA

    InerX _gtInerX _gtOy oldin
  • You guys know it’s not a anime girl? It has lines over Becouse it’s a AI it’s a robot

    Mighty_craig 100Mighty_craig 100Oy oldin
  • Jonse soynd like mirage

    Amkthafiy HafiyAmkthafiy HafiyOy oldin
  • "I don't watch anime" explain thiccest also wenn thiccest anime girl

    Simon SunSimon SunOy oldin
  • I love how no matter where you live you always say china is on the other side of the world

    Weaboo RegginWeaboo RegginOy oldin
  • I couldn’t here a thing you talked to much

    RANCH BBQ674RANCH BBQ674Oy oldin
  • They did say it was pure Chaos

    JackoJaxkoJackoJaxkoOy oldin
  • Wow already at 100

    Godbless37 HernandezGodbless37 HernandezOy oldin
  • when you said "Sick show" it popped up as $ex show

    jimbo cjimbo cOy oldin
  • Did you know that you can use the null claws pickaxe with any skin

    Cronia O'ReillyCronia O'ReillyOy oldin
  • bonne continuation

    Nana ChannelNana ChannelOy oldin
  • You mean 99% cause you have to do some quests to upgrade Mandos Amour

    Shadow KitShadow KitOy oldin
  • Is that mirage?

    Master Foo’Master Foo’Oy oldin

    Joshua WalkerJoshua WalkerOy oldin
  • The Mave skin is turning to a Shark if you go in the Wather

    AmygdaliaAmygdaliaOy oldin
  • Why dont you use a facecam fresh?

    Sam HendersonSam HendersonOy oldin
  • We want a movie

    Mohamed GaffarMohamed GaffarOy oldin
  • Fresh that was so plain be more hype

  • Is Santa for fortnight for Christmas and then I’m going to ask my mom if I could get to tier 1 that’s batelpass all I want is the Mandalorian and baby Yoda

    Dennis StoneDennis StoneOy oldin
  • Kondor looks like an among US skin doesn’t he

    JWMJWMOy oldin
  • Couple days in and I'm level 40 I'm definitely getting to 100

    AlexanderAlexanderOy oldin
  • I will remember Wolverine Also Known As gulo gulo

    sam stricklandsam stricklandOy oldin
  • Dot forget to SMASH that THICC like button and remember PICKLE PICKLE GAMERS

    Tobias KlubalTobias KlubalOy oldin
  • Tier buyer

    David McGregorDavid McGregorOy oldin
  • And I’m on Xbox

    Josiah DeseoJosiah DeseoOy oldin
  • Dear fresh I always Watch your videos my is ca2txfam in fornite and can you buy me 4 skins please to:fresh from:Josiah D.

    Josiah DeseoJosiah DeseoOy oldin
  • What up guys no day 1 million and like this comment plz

    mian hassanmian hassanOy oldin
  • I'm subscribed to you My name is (super-ytyahya97) Can you gift me the Patel pass

    Yahya Amr Ibrahim Herby NotionYahya Amr Ibrahim Herby NotionOy oldin
  • Please someone gift me a battle pass please please .. I never had one .. please Username : faiz bin basheer

    Faiz Bin BasheerFaiz Bin BasheerOy oldin
  • I can see from now the thiccest anime girl

    Trey OWOTrey OWOOy oldin
  • is it just me or does the anime chic look like a night elf from thor 2 when you do the emote

    Ollie DavidsonOllie DavidsonOy oldin
  • 6:35 doesn’t notice it’s literally a dead version of his skin.

    NerdFlanders303NerdFlanders303Oy oldin
  • 0:04 is cap af

    TMF KevTMF KevOy oldin
  • Day 2 of waiting fresh to say "what’s up guys no"

    Yazan Samir :3Yazan Samir :3Oy oldin
  • Wait a second did he say "wow tfue is going to china"

    spärks on FN ツspärks on FN ツOy oldin
  • Why does one of the snipers look like the locus from codm🤔

    Waÿfort PlayzWaÿfort PlayzOy oldin
  • 3:31 turn on subtitles

    CatCatOy oldin
  • Video: The thiccest anime chick in Fortnite

    Kid Flash_0900Kid Flash_0900Oy oldin
  • 7:45

    Maxamed CabbduleMaxamed CabbduleOy oldin
    • Brb

      Maxamed CabbduleMaxamed CabbduleOy oldin
  • *YES*

    That Gam3r thelma.D.AlmaasThat Gam3r thelma.D.AlmaasOy oldin
  • I would be nice to hear the video or fresh

    crispy0233crispy0233Oy oldin
  • hi

    Logan 47Logan 47Oy oldin
  • About that Kondor skin, it kinda looks like ur signature skin Reflex but dark!

    DragoThomYTDragoThomYTOy oldin
  • Nah thicccest Reese in Fortnite bruh

    Luke TaubLuke TaubOy oldin
  • Fresh: I don’t watch anime Also fresh: literally has a pickle with piccolos outfit Bruh

    4IMAN XI4IMAN XIOy oldin
  • Too bad mados kid is gone and the ship is destroyed 😂

    Tyler The PowerTyler The PowerOy oldin
  • can u give me ps5 or xbox fresh cause i have use code fresh and i subscribe to ur 2 and this channel with all notis on and i watch ur vids every single day and i love it too

    Shahvez KhanShahvez KhanOy oldin
  • This season has way too many mixed themes..

    Dripp ツDripp ツOy oldin
  • Day 103 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

  • Hiii

    Mostafa TVstreamsMostafa TVstreamsOy oldin
  • I'm surprised the title isn't SEASON 5 *THICKEST* BATTLEPASS!

    RoobarRoobarOy oldin
  • fresh : NO TFUE agent jonesy : did you just call me tfue ....... > : \

    baskara yudhabaskara yudhaOy oldin
  • His name is GROGU not BABY YODA

    Atomic JCAtomic JCOy oldin
  • It’s grogu not baby yoda

    RedPandaGamer96 HiRedPandaGamer96 HiOy oldin
  • Is it just me or does the Kondor skin look like the among us people

    Carlson FamilyCarlson FamilyOy oldin
  • kondor green looks like reflex

    praharsha npraharsha nOy oldin
  • How's touching da child

    Norma & AndresNorma & AndresOy oldin
  • 8:22 fresh looks like we got a moderner version of your skin! You should copp it when you get it it looks fire

    Peter PankovPeter PankovOy oldin
  • most shit season ever.

    Shaan AtwalShaan AtwalOy oldin
  • Can you give me the battle pass please fresh my mom doesn't have that much money so can you give it to me my epic is Raylnray21

    Tina HeavlinTina HeavlinOy oldin
  • Can somebody give me the battle pass please fresh because my mom doesn't have that much money so can you give to me my epic is Raylanray21

    Tina HeavlinTina HeavlinOy oldin