10-Yan, 2021
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The CES 2021 ROG Launch Event will be live on Jan 12, 10am PST on ROG Twitch / UZworld Channel
Watch the ROG CES event on ROG Twitch and enter their Gleam to win a new ROG Strix series laptop or a gamesplanet US$ 20 game voucher.
The ROG Citadel game will be available on Steam on Jan 12-
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  • Fresh used a weapon

    Unicorn TwixUnicorn Twix12 soat oldin
  • 4:52- HeS gOt FiVe Of Em

    moustache catmoustache cat13 soat oldin
  • Did anyone else notice in the asus promotion it showed the Alan Walker logo he is one of my favourite music artists so I saw it instantly

    QuiksilverAcro 22QuiksilverAcro 22Kun oldin
  • The madly text largely deserve because fiberglass genotypically zoom between a pricey condor. rich, honorable pvc

    Hoang My LoanHoang My LoanKun oldin
  • The premium bath controversly ask because oxygen ethnically form amidst a cloistered facilities. typical, grotesque jellyfish

    Chungwei WangChungwei WangKun oldin
  • I have asus brand pc

    AulsityianhAulsityianh2 kun oldin
  • everyone play fortnite: i want ogs skins me: then buy "OG" internet or pc

    Kolorowy KlocKolorowy Kloc2 kun oldin
  • Why do I fell like this was planned

    J_M_C ____J_M_C ____2 kun oldin
  • Fresh: So MaNy DolPhInS Me: *laughs so hard chokes and dies*

    Alex KirtAlex Kirt2 kun oldin
  • The faithful geography substantively work because brother early sail beneath a ultra drawer. good, spotty reaction

    Garshawn PantherGarshawn Panther2 kun oldin
  • Nice edit!

    Dick ToltonDick Tolton3 kun oldin
  • Order 66 is back but instead of clone troppers it's Stream snipers

    Adrian Pavia NavarroAdrian Pavia Navarro3 kun oldin
  • U guys still won even if u were second

    M FM F3 kun oldin
  • Fresh you are my fav you tuber and i have your code

    zvxryzvxry3 kun oldin
  • fresh ur so smart 26 plus 14 is 40

    Olivia GomezOlivia Gomez3 kun oldin
  • is it just me or does anyone else watch fresh's channel if you want to watch lazarbeam

    Gunny FiveGunny Five4 kun oldin
  • Lazarbeam is like i got one fresh killed a duo

    Ben MorganBen Morgan4 kun oldin
  • He should of put it on arena so they can heal after each kill

    Jay DenJay Den4 kun oldin
  • I bet Freshs first words were “what’s up guys yes”

    FishyboiYTFishyboiYT4 kun oldin
  • Fresh can you pls add me as friend you are my fav UZworldr I sub to both you channels and I like all of your videos

    Jaiden SahmanovicJaiden Sahmanovic4 kun oldin
  • Can you gift me a skin it would mean a lot, if you decide to be so kind my epic is reu_halt.

    Reuben fosterSMLReuben fosterSML4 kun oldin

    FBRgamer 345FBRgamer 3455 kun oldin
  • bra add me? pls

    Daani PlaysDaani Plays5 kun oldin
  • Fresh I would say try to hide your screen for a bit when you land so snipers can’t find you unless you want snipers

    BagelhotnessYTBagelhotnessYT6 kun oldin
  • Insane bro

    Ahmed YasirAhmed Yasir7 kun oldin
  • 5:03 to 5:09 listen to Lazarbeam that's some pretty dark stuff he's saying

    ThomasTomThomasTom7 kun oldin
  • Who remembers the 98 defaults trying to chase the gingerbread man

    Hardcore Gamer 4Hardcore Gamer 47 kun oldin
  • Imagine having visual sounds on

    BreakFastBomberBreakFastBomber8 kun oldin
  • Is anyone else still subscribed to Harley fresh?

    Daring JackDaring Jack8 kun oldin
  • Just realized my friend stream sniped you

    Pro Gamer RequiemPro Gamer Requiem8 kun oldin
  • He got more kills in a regular game

    KIDJONDY 317KIDJONDY 3179 kun oldin
  • The rise of the stream snipers

    King YeetKing Yeet9 kun oldin
    • Good one lol

      Ametoj SinghAmetoj Singh9 kun oldin
  • Meme Beats Sweat XD

    Mary_Playz RobloxMary_Playz Roblox9 kun oldin
  • Corey Johnson

    liam walkerliam walker10 kun oldin
  • bruh

    Gerardo GarciaGerardo Garcia10 kun oldin
  • I LIKE CHUCKEN!!!!!!!!!!

    NGHIA TRANNGHIA TRAN10 kun oldin
  • wtf

    Vebjørn AlsakerVebjørn Alsaker10 kun oldin
  • I was the final guy sorry fresh

    BS GamingBS Gaming10 kun oldin
  • attack on stream snipers = attack on titans

    duckie mikeduckie mike10 kun oldin
  • The kills is a world record

    skygamingskygaming10 kun oldin
  • The stream snipers: I’m about to end this mans whole career Five seconds later he pickaxes fresh

    Xtimmyt6XXtimmyt6X10 kun oldin
  • Use Code: Lazar

    Jacob JohnsonJacob Johnson11 kun oldin
  • Should’ve landed at slurpy swap

    Alicia SchaefferAlicia Schaeffer11 kun oldin
  • Freshy boy

    Caleb AdamsCaleb Adams11 kun oldin
  • You said if you use a gun you’re a loser but you used a gun so what are you

    Landon FenwickLandon Fenwick11 kun oldin
  • Video idea fresh 1v1s stream snipers

    Routine VictoryRoutine Victory11 kun oldin
  • I have asus laptop and it’s good

    Routine VictoryRoutine Victory11 kun oldin
  • This is basically just a game of can lazarbeam and fresh hit their headshots with tacs

    Jackson SchnellerJackson Schneller11 kun oldin
  • 6:07 was so funny

    Cam MartinCam Martin11 kun oldin
  • Here at 999K views...

    pop_adotpop_adot11 kun oldin
  • Wow

    wawa!wawa!11 kun oldin
  • Video idea. Let muselk control your game

    Boston DiehlBoston Diehl12 kun oldin
  • am i the only one that screaming just turn on hidden matchmaking delay? just me, ok

    MaksPlayzYTMaksPlayzYT12 kun oldin
  • Fresh:why does No one want to he my friend Us: BRUHHHH

    Ibrahim AliIbrahim Ali12 kun oldin

    Ralph PenmanRalph Penman12 kun oldin
  • Those streamsnipers are stupid and they have no achievements or goals in life

    Jhomar Jadiel BasoraJhomar Jadiel Basora12 kun oldin
  • streamsnipper ssuck

    Zakariya DAHIRZakariya DAHIR12 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: All of the stream snipers are angry and demanding for Fresh to use his old skin.

    NovasNovaNovasNova12 kun oldin
  • Ofc he doing the glitch cuz he knew freshing boi is gonna win still that mess they grind up to the top it wasn’t ez and die to some kid I feel bad 🥺🥺🥺

    Breezy_ YTBreezy_ YT12 kun oldin
  • Fresh in 2018 and 2019 never swears Fresh in 2020 and 2021 always swears Bruhhhh kids are watching

    mr misticalmr mistical12 kun oldin
  • Lannan: "THEYVE GOT GUNS" Me: "They're evolving."

    AFK LionAFK Lion12 kun oldin

    shadow 6000shadow 600012 kun oldin
  • Day 120 of waiting fresh say"whats up gays NO"😂

    Faze pipis 08Faze pipis 0812 kun oldin
  • Lol

    OMI BOMI B12 kun oldin
  • Day 142 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    AUS CLANAUS CLAN12 kun oldin
  • Now imagine a zombie apocalypse in Fortnite... OH WAIT WERE WATCHING IT.

    FOrtnitL0verFOrtnitL0ver12 kun oldin
  • Why did he drop hi AR for a pistol. 😂 I NEES ANSWERS

    Estelle HylandEstelle Hyland12 kun oldin
  • Lemonade

    ChurroKiddChurroKidd12 kun oldin
  • Okay whoever did the zero point glitch is big brain.

    _Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß__Äłəxįß_ _Wıłłıãmß_12 kun oldin
  • BRO!!

    F1shy Br0thersF1shy Br0thers12 kun oldin
  • It’s actually sad that people can’t play a game without stream snipers following them

    Lee QenlockLee Qenlock12 kun oldin
  • So funny how people are sub but dont watch fresh videos. Like why he is so good like lol

    Cristian ChambersCristian Chambers12 kun oldin
  • Subscribe to Exitz in vize and fresh 2 btw thx bye have a good day

    Exitz on YTExitz on YT13 kun oldin
  • you should 1v1 typical gamer a lot of yours's and his fans want u to they talk about it every stream

    Dallas ChesserDallas Chesser13 kun oldin
  • 5:25 not click bait XD

    Monty O'ConnorMonty O'Connor13 kun oldin
  • Is he better than justin

    GeorgeGamerTVGeorgeGamerTV13 kun oldin
  • ps4 jareb

    Ms. McPheeMs. McPhee13 kun oldin
  • I love fresh’s thumb nails

    Nonoman GamingNonoman Gaming13 kun oldin
  • Imagine not being a stream sniper and you look at the kill feed, and you see the same person killing half of the lobby.

    RyysinzRyysinz13 kun oldin
  • my pc is Asus

    Robin LBRobin LB13 kun oldin
  • This made me soo stressed

    Hector FernandezHector Fernandez13 kun oldin
  • Not true

    Deanne ChoyceDeanne Choyce13 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Jack oco 9 O Connor1234Jack oco 9 O Connor123413 kun oldin
  • Hi

    salem alhamelisalem alhameli13 kun oldin
  • they should have done a arena duo so they could get siphon

    freshyboi shjsfreshyboi shjs13 kun oldin
  • That’s so sad :(

    Kari KuoKari Kuo13 kun oldin
  • they did this so long ago im a og

    sup pp pp sssup pp pp ss13 kun oldin
  • they have evolved

    Jaivardhan Singh DeoJaivardhan Singh Deo13 kun oldin
  • Run run run for your life

    Tommy JohnstonTommy Johnston13 kun oldin
  • Claim your here before 10 million subs ticket here

    ReviloelaHReviloelaH13 kun oldin
  • I was stream sniping you lol it was funny

    aidenxxx gamingexaidenxxx gamingex13 kun oldin
  • 6:06 hehe

    Fred WintersteinFred Winterstein13 kun oldin
  • how do people dislike this stuff???

    Andrew WeaverAndrew Weaver13 kun oldin
  • *Everyone last season when they landed at stark*

    TKkaiW 6TKkaiW 613 kun oldin
  • im whatching this on an asus PC

    XenogazzaXenogazza13 kun oldin
  • jesus

    Caroline GrayCaroline Gray13 kun oldin
  • He is letting kids say they killed fresh to flex on there friends ect

    Cherry Tango923Cherry Tango92313 kun oldin
  • poor fresh. he wanted to won with 36 kills

    Geo BeastGeo Beast13 kun oldin
  • saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #32: yes

    SentinelSentinel13 kun oldin
  • I hate streamsnipwrs

    Audrina VieraAudrina Viera13 kun oldin