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  • Sxi

    Jorge TrejoJorge Trejo4 kun oldin
  • hi fresh hello

    Daniel WrightDaniel Wright15 kun oldin
  • Anyone else notice the person at 7:54

    Daniel WilkersonDaniel Wilkerson21 kun oldin
  • Fuck the holidays

    Dylan HaighDylan Haigh22 kun oldin
  • i am gonna play fortnite agin wooo

    Cloud AxiysCloud Axiys24 kun oldin
  • Krampus eats children makes them slaves and sometimes throw them into a river in a sack Merry Christmas

    Njsmndz 2Njsmndz 225 kun oldin
  • Laser should be the dog skin for max

    Marco V GamerMarco V Gamer25 kun oldin
  • Don't no that people watch you he's fake

    A NA N25 kun oldin
  • “Wait till’ I steal your PS5” *laughing* Lazarbeam-2020

    GamingWithBreBreezeGamingWithBreBreeze25 kun oldin
  • Just wait for the bus to beep twice in a row fast than jump and loot at the drop ur above

    Brandon KinkadeBrandon Kinkade25 kun oldin
  • when lannan started "spitting" he sound like a car starting 🤣🤣

    Alvin RodriguezAlvin Rodriguez25 kun oldin
  • Fresh: Stop sweating out Also Fresh: Does triple edit and cranks 90s to max height

    DNA SlickDNA Slick26 kun oldin
  • The scintillating walrus wessely suck because tennis correlatively borrow below a sad atom. endurable, cuddly channel

    Lunke BroceLunke Broce26 kun oldin
  • 2020 sends in fresh and lannan to ruin gamers day as karma lol

    AmrithaMSAmrithaMS26 kun oldin
  • Sub to all of them

    LOL LolLOL Lol27 kun oldin
  • Subscribe to fresh and lazar beam and krypto gold

    LOL LolLOL Lol27 kun oldin
  • Lazerbeams real name is lenan

    zotv foryouzotv foryou27 kun oldin
  • Didn’t the grinch celebrate cristmas with the who’s of whovile

    xXzackaroo XxxXzackaroo Xx27 kun oldin
  • I looked at freshes subs yesterday 7 mil amazing well done fresh next day 7.1 mil he got 1 mil over a night bro 😎

    Lexie RichmanLexie Richman27 kun oldin
    • That's like nothing thats not even a few subs

      Ash :DAsh :D25 kun oldin
    • Are u kidding me did u miss your math classes that's only about 10k subs lol look at your math noob and btw he ddint reach 7.1 million only 7.01 million

      Ash :DAsh :D25 kun oldin
  • LAZERBEAM dam you are a savage

    Lexie RichmanLexie Richman27 kun oldin
  • Day 125 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    AUS CLANAUS CLAN27 kun oldin
  • I’m a kid

    Steve PlamondonSteve Plamondon28 kun oldin
  • Lannan 2020: The best way to ruin Xmas is to hit kids with axes in the face... lol

    gonna be GAMINGgonna be GAMING28 kun oldin
  • Fresh

    Darien McPhersonDarien McPherson28 kun oldin
  • Shut up the ak is my favorite waepon this season

    Darien McPhersonDarien McPherson28 kun oldin
  • Not 6 million subscribers

    Jo StormyJo Stormy29 kun oldin
  • Same

    Kristen WischkiKristen Wischki29 kun oldin
  • Fresh my man can you add me on fortnite my name is legend hunter 653 my dog and my g

    Joshua BarryJoshua Barry29 kun oldin
  • Hey I have only used your creater code in fortnight not what is his name again ohh it’s lazerbeam

    KillerNinjaKillerNinja29 kun oldin
  • 1:28 well said laserbeam

    Caio RochaCaio Rocha29 kun oldin
  • Nothing ruins Christmas like an axe in the face -Lannan 2020

    Hoodie GamerHoodie Gamer29 kun oldin
  • Happy holidays

    Maayan AvisiraMaayan Avisira29 kun oldin
  • Congratulations on 7 mill

    J FrankJ Frank29 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Jurpro008Jurpro008Oy oldin
  • 7:57 there’s a guy hiding in the house 😂

    Ethan MullinsEthan MullinsOy oldin
  • No one: Lazarbeam: I stole Santa’s sleigh that fat bastard

    Somebody BSSomebody BSOy oldin
    • @Pvzfan 123 shut up

      Fishy ArmyFishy Army5 kun oldin
    • Lol

      pam beddowpam beddow19 kun oldin
    • Not good

      Pvzfan 123Pvzfan 12323 kun oldin
    • lol

      FishyboiYTFishyboiYT24 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Caio RochaCaio Rocha29 kun oldin
  • Fresh is so close to 7 million subscribers.

    SF Zac 29SF Zac 29Oy oldin
  • I love your videos and they are soo Funny

    Giana VlogsGiana VlogsOy oldin
  • you reapeat for tg plays

    izak bizjakizak bizjakOy oldin
  • True fact: Krampus is made of fruit cake and hates the sound of bells

    Joelle Bin-SarisJoelle Bin-SarisOy oldin
  • Ur a mean one mr grrriiiinnch

    Luke HurstLuke HurstOy oldin
  • Did anybody else see that person in the bottom window at 7:56

    YippeeYippee YayYippeeYippee YayOy oldin
  • Hi

    keone ossemerkeone ossemerOy oldin
  • Me ,i don't think santa is real. Lazarbeam,in gonna chop the kids with my axe.

    Maddox NelsonMaddox NelsonOy oldin
    • I mean I'm

      Maddox NelsonMaddox NelsonOy oldin
  • the presents arent rare for me i find them every game i play but i get a lever or a snowball launcher so i hate that

    samadsamadOy oldin
  • What's up guys no I'm not gonna be the Grinch or krampus day 12 of asking

    Kim VarelaKim VarelaOy oldin
  • I will say this Mary shit Miss

    robot panda398robot panda398Oy oldin
  • I drink cups of children’s tears -Lannan -Harley

    ChiyxChiyxOy oldin
  • You mean one Mr grinch©

    Tayden AlvaradoTayden AlvaradoOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas everyone

    Big FowlboskiBig FowlboskiOy oldin
  • Almost at 7mil!

    N o r mN o r mOy oldin
  • Hi fresh

    Caleb AvalosCaleb AvalosOy oldin
  • Fresh you are like me and lazarbeam is like my little brother but we are both badder than both of you's

    Cass YarnoldCass YarnoldOy oldin
  • Fortnite is shit and this is a cringey video

    N0SimpingmanN0SimpingmanOy oldin
  • Grinch more like lunch yummy😀

    Taylor ConnollyTaylor ConnollyOy oldin
  • Almost 7ml

    Nathan WeltschNathan WeltschOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas fresh and everyone

    Jay DurkinJay DurkinOy oldin
  • Good jpbjob on 7 mil also can you and lazer play with me

    bubbly_colt8bubbly_colt8Oy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to everyone and stay safe

    Iyad YazijiIyad YazijiOy oldin
  • SUB

    Tom ATom AOy oldin
  • i hope i win the giveaway for the pc cause i can’t afford one 😔

    Thr RugThr RugOy oldin
  • 34

  • The elated nerve intringuingly unlock because conifer peripherally wink versus a agonizing balinese. tasteless, gaping willow

    sulaima345 m broshimsulaima345 m broshimOy oldin
  • That's krampus from a movie but good remake of it tho

    Drxzzy Junior4635Drxzzy Junior4635Oy oldin

    Yaboi WestyYaboi WestyOy oldin
  • I was your 7m

    esplrresplrrOy oldin
  • Fresh you got angry 😬

    Keaton GlasKeaton GlasOy oldin
  • Aye thanks DOC im in the giveaway with 1800 points

    FENRIR908FENRIR908Oy oldin
  • nice

    Arthur HurdsArthur HurdsOy oldin
  • Almost 7 million congrats man

    Defult ArmyDefult ArmyOy oldin
  • Why do you swear

    Raashid RikazRaashid RikazOy oldin
  • Dear Fresh,i did everything I was told to do to enter the giveaway can i please have the ultimate setup as I don't have a pc, i play on switch at 30fps and would love to have a pic to play at above 100 fps hopefully you notice me love you bye for now

    Theviper23 BlackheartTheviper23 BlackheartOy oldin
    • Not pic i meant pc😅

      Theviper23 BlackheartTheviper23 BlackheartOy oldin
  • 6.99M subscribers nice

    Fan Of Gacha Life 9Fan Of Gacha Life 9Oy oldin
  • You won't be stealing my Nintendo

    Kathy CampbellKathy CampbellOy oldin
  • I am using your code In the Fortnite shop

    C LambC LambOy oldin
  • People watching on Christmas👉

    Walker LarsonWalker LarsonOy oldin
  • yo yo

    Astro HughesyAstro HughesyOy oldin
  • Hi can you add me please

    Hannah KellyHannah KellyOy oldin
  • U should make a video of the santas of fortnite if u have the skin

    J FJ FOy oldin
  • Dood stop yelling I can't see fresh 2020

    pretty boipretty boiOy oldin
  • People who saw him miss the actual present before he found one

    anominous_girl fortnite_loveranominous_girl fortnite_loverOy oldin
  • Marry Christmas everybody

    Roy GarderRoy GarderOy oldin
  • I get like 2 presents 🎁 a game they are not that rare for me at least. Lol 😂

    Ela ArasEla ArasOy oldin
  • Do you guys know that there's a glitch about the planes in FORTNITE? You keep the plane in the air pointing towards the direction you wanna go and then you switch seats. That way you don't lose fuel. You're welcome

    RDA GamingRDA GamingOy oldin
  • Presents are rare? I just got 4 presents in one match yesterday

    Liam TorresLiam TorresOy oldin
    • I 6

      CakeyCakeyOy oldin
  • Like: Trump Comment: Joe Biden

    Justin FlynnJustin FlynnOy oldin
  • Lannnan: I drink children tears Me: I drink MiLk

    Justin FlynnJustin FlynnOy oldin
    • 😁

      CakeyCakeyOy oldin
  • My fort nite name is J849aok

    Jaxon MayJaxon MayOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to everyone who is reading this comment!

    Switch BrandonSwitch BrandonOy oldin
  • Lol

    Hisae HayashiHisae HayashiOy oldin
  • @rolandamoah

    Charity OseiCharity OseiOy oldin
  • Hit 7 mil on Christmas

  • Yeet

    MiniFreshAsianMiniFreshAsianOy oldin
  • Vamos andar trokiando cuh.

    camerenTVcamerenTVOy oldin
  • Omg fresh 7mil lets go

    JamesJamesOy oldin
  • It feel like fresh just hit 2mill

    King MauriceKing MauriceOy oldin
  • What’s up guys yes

    Seth ZackerSeth ZackerOy oldin
  • Sooooooo close to 7m let’s go

    Wolfz FNWolfz FNOy oldin
  • 7mil?

    sS Rapids SssS Rapids SsOy oldin
  • What did you get for Christmas?

    Aaron ThaoAaron ThaoOy oldin