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  • Play more plz

    George StringerGeorge Stringer3 kun oldin
  • Please switch to apex

    Howie 911Howie 9114 kun oldin
  • He really said a legendary pistol 😐

    XydroXydro4 kun oldin
  • if only fresh new the true power of the mastiff

    Static_Ghost YTStatic_Ghost YT4 kun oldin
  • 9:39 I died the same way on my first game

    Astro StrikxAstro Strikx5 kun oldin
  • yo fresh u know apex is a movement game like u need to strafe ond shit to not get hit i thingk u should maby stick to fortnite

    Thaddeus BarnebyThaddeus Barneby5 kun oldin

    RE5P3CT ON YTRE5P3CT ON YT6 kun oldin
  • Fresh: I have legendary guns Me with a Devo with turbocharger: oh fresh read the Bible first

    Alex doumonAlex doumon9 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy I'm finally better than fresh at a game

    iceknight play'siceknight play's10 kun oldin
  • people who play apex fulltime watching fresh such a bot

    Riley BorthwickRiley Borthwick14 kun oldin
  • Octane=speed Crypto=drone Caustic=gas boi Horizon=matter Rampart=defense and minigun lover Wattson=defense Loba=supplies

    Dark energy LostDark energy Lost17 kun oldin
  • Play more apex

    Dark energy LostDark energy Lost17 kun oldin
  • Don't get me wrong I love fresh but like I think he doesnt need to play apex just because he got sponsered, I can say that I am better than him in this game

    Daniel SantiagoDaniel Santiago20 kun oldin
  • People that wanted a fortnite vid: FRESH IS SWITCHING NO PLS FRESH STAY IN FORTNITE

    Joel AlvaradoJoel Alvarado20 kun oldin
  • Where is they apex legends vids they are cool :D

    Classified_FattyClassified_Fatty29 kun oldin
  • Fresh called a light Amo weapon legendary 😂

    TMOTMOOy oldin
  • so bad ....

    AnoeAnoeOy oldin
  • uigiugi87t

    Brynhildur StefánsdóttirBrynhildur StefánsdóttirOy oldin
  • Seriously consider playing apex fresh

    T-Rex DansasukeT-Rex DansasukeOy oldin
  • Well fortnite copied most of the things from apex

    T-Rex DansasukeT-Rex DansasukeOy oldin

  • he ony a sweat in fortnight

    1J Stephen Phillip1J Stephen PhillipOy oldin
  • “Legendary pistol”😂💀

    sum smokesum smoke2 oy oldin
  • First everyone: yo apex suc:season 7 yo this game is increíble

    shadow god666shadow god6662 oy oldin
  • Well

    shadow god666shadow god6662 oy oldin
  • It's a legendary pistol do brilliant

    moch beast658moch beast6582 oy oldin
  • I thought the title said fresh changed everything

    BaNaNa GuYBaNaNa GuY2 oy oldin
  • Hello

    Andrew CoelhoAndrew Coelho2 oy oldin

    Jimmy FellowsJimmy Fellows2 oy oldin
  • Its crazy how much worse fresh is in apex

    Daniel OstromDaniel Ostrom2 oy oldin
  • Horizon has the black hole for the special

    Myles GamingMyles Gaming2 oy oldin
  • More more

    ewmercy mainewmercy main2 oy oldin
  • More apex content

    ewmercy mainewmercy main2 oy oldin
  • U have not played apex for ages

    Suzanne JacksonSuzanne Jackson2 oy oldin
  • hey fresh love your videos how do i get better at fortnite?

    ducky the gamerducky the gamer2 oy oldin
  • Awesome to see u play with sonic

    jestajesta2 oy oldin
  • Play apex more please i love apex

    Wyatt SuceeWyatt Sucee2 oy oldin
  • Freash: WHAT THE HELL THIS GUN SHOOTS TWICE THE EVA-8: I...I.. have double tap trigger on

    Riley HarrisonRiley Harrison2 oy oldin
  • Wow να και το fortnite kid που θα μας εκσιγισει κιόλας άσχετε

    Panos X StylPanos X Styl2 oy oldin
  • I thought fresh would be good 🤔 Edit: Watched the vid more and he got a G7 kill ok ok Edit Edit: HE WON?!? wait now that I think about it. Did EA give him a bot lobby and good loot? 🤔

    ApexAccelerationApexAcceleration2 oy oldin
  • This map looks small then he loses $3 nah it’s def big

    EPY chrisEPY chris2 oy oldin
  • i aint' suprised actually am...

    Da Best AT what he does _0Da Best AT what he does _02 oy oldin
  • yeah

    Da Best AT what he does _0Da Best AT what he does _02 oy oldin
  • your a bot fresh im level 200

    eli atiyaeli atiya2 oy oldin
  • This is really just fornite season X all over again

    Gav0n Playzz1Gav0n Playzz12 oy oldin
  • Play more apex!!!!

    lordFNlordFN2 oy oldin
  • Yes

    Keegan RobinsonKeegan Robinson2 oy oldin
  • The 9 is back???I’ve missed a lot, last time I played the volt was in place of the 9

    N8N82 oy oldin
  • I will get you 12 wins and i am apex predator the highest rank in the game

    killer_wolf_YT13killer_wolf_YT132 oy oldin
  • Can i add you no apex u am level 482

    killer_wolf_YT13killer_wolf_YT132 oy oldin
  • Finally I’m better than a pro player

    cherrry ytcherrry yt2 oy oldin
  • You are cracked on every thing

    look at this bananalook at this banana2 oy oldin
  • Apex sucks

    Coolk1d TVCoolk1d TV2 oy oldin

    bruhhhHDbruhhhHD2 oy oldin
  • Only true fans know he poste this on his 2 Nd account first

    Boohoo.exe123Boohoo.exe1232 oy oldin
  • Yo fresh you should play a lot more games than just fortnight you got a play like apex and COD and any other games you can think of like hyper scape you should play more them and become more of a battle royale channel

    HectorausHectoraus2 oy oldin
    • It be great for you because you get more content more viewers more subscribers more everything and I bet you’d have some fun to bro

      HectorausHectoraus2 oy oldin
  • why didnt i get the noti? at least i dont think i did

    Kurr KurrKurr Kurr2 oy oldin
  • APEX!!!

    Henri VanlinthoutHenri Vanlinthout2 oy oldin
  • My level 30 friend is better than fresh a pro gamer

    Happy RobotHappy Robot2 oy oldin
  • Is he actually playing apex again?finally and honestly I don’t care if you hate me for playing it and COD and Fortnite but I’m glad he’s playing different games again🤗

    Randy FloresRandy Flores2 oy oldin
  • anybody realise how many times he said"alright boys"

    bloop blopbloop blop2 oy oldin
  • Quit Fortnite and keep playing Apex pls

    Tehepikd2 453Tehepikd2 4532 oy oldin
  • Sonic deserves more love

    O PO P2 oy oldin
  • Can u play apex on ps4

    Chill ManChill Man2 oy oldin
  • Yo I just got Apex yesterday because i saw your video

    EDz PlaysEDz Plays2 oy oldin
  • That thumbnail tho😂.

    Mrs. Lystra BristolMrs. Lystra Bristol2 oy oldin
    • Haha

      NG12 STONENG12 STONE2 oy oldin
  • Plz more

    jsvecerojsvecero2 oy oldin
  • Apex sucks

    Adam BackusAdam Backus2 oy oldin
  • wait when did we go back to the zero point lol

    Marcus RoyMarcus Roy2 oy oldin
  • Never knew that you played Apex

    Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)2 oy oldin
  • Im surprised I’m actually better at a game then fresh

    Ali AhmadAli Ahmad2 oy oldin
  • Anyone who thought this was fortnite | | V

    Tin NguyenTin Nguyen2 oy oldin
  • i have been waitting for apex legends on steam.......

    ImBadAtGaming 123ImBadAtGaming 1232 oy oldin
  • Glad he uploaded content I actually care about

    Professor BrainProfessor Brain2 oy oldin
  • Epic

    Alex Guzman ❼Alex Guzman ❼2 oy oldin
  • Face came please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Sweet and GreasySweet and Greasy2 oy oldin
  • I put notifications on but this didn’t come up

    Spooker BoySpooker Boy2 oy oldin
  • Ha 696k views ha

    MooMooJoos 909MooMooJoos 9092 oy oldin
  • Everything he said about the weapons hurt my brain cells

    Michael HarrellMichael Harrell2 oy oldin
  • Double

    Michael HarrellMichael Harrell2 oy oldin
  • I love how all of a sudden fresh and other UZworldrs who have played apex but stopped for a long time and then now they want to play apex again

    LegoGamer !LegoGamer !2 oy oldin
  • Who thought this was fortnight

    Multi OneMulti One2 oy oldin
  • Oh my, last time ive seen this game was like early 2019 when it was taking over, but what has this game become 😂

    AyzlxnAyzlxn2 oy oldin
    • The best br game, i used to like fortnite was a good br, but all the mythic things just ruined the game, I miss simple times

      Just1Just12 oy oldin
  • When was the last time he played apex legends probably in season 1

    Nick FrisbyNick Frisby2 oy oldin
  • POG

    Jonathan PhiJonathan Phi2 oy oldin
  • Fresh needs to grab a shotgun bolt the whole game lol

    GabeGabe2 oy oldin
  • yeah

    Nikko SilaranNikko Silaran2 oy oldin
  • my brother play apex legend he good at it

    Nikko SilaranNikko Silaran2 oy oldin
  • fresh

    Joseph CastillonJoseph Castillon2 oy oldin
  • Wt is this game?????

    Shela KShela K2 oy oldin

    Aryan wakaAryan waka2 oy oldin
  • Play this more often instead of fortnite

    Lovette ThompsonLovette Thompson2 oy oldin
  • I think fresh needs to play apex more there are more games than fortnite to play

    Brody DevereauxBrody Devereaux2 oy oldin
  • Bro apex

    Wolf XEWolf XE2 oy oldin
    • Really

      Wolf XEWolf XE2 oy oldin
  • i thought it was fortnite

    Tommy SfakianosTommy Sfakianos2 oy oldin
  • Fresh thinking light guns are legendary also all the fortnite people pretend they no what this is

    geo sweaty boygeo sweaty boy2 oy oldin
  • I thought this was Fortnite at first

    AwesomeCS08AwesomeCS082 oy oldin
  • Can you pls make more Apex videos

    NIGHTMARE _DawoodNIGHTMARE _Dawood2 oy oldin
  • WTH do fortnite pleaseeeeeee

    Caroline BurnettCaroline Burnett2 oy oldin
  • Pls fresh do some reactions vids

    Rudd NikzadRudd Nikzad2 oy oldin