10-Dek, 2020
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  • I lost my account

    Lil Shrek 69Lil Shrek 69Soat oldin
  • Jingle balls Jingle balls Jingle on the walls

    Simao LouzeiroSimao Louzeiro2 kun oldin
  • if I was here I would pull out my radio

    Logan LangLogan Lang2 kun oldin
  • Bro yall probably got banned because you killed some 9 year old try hard and he got salty

    Logan BookerLogan Booker4 kun oldin
  • Me and my friends did this and we all said “Lazarbeam and fresh are going to to do this” and then bam this video

    Jacob CannyJacob Canny6 kun oldin
  • For any recovery of account kindly go dm cl7ech on Instagram he got my fixed and active 💯

    William PathWilliam Path7 kun oldin
  • Laser beam: jingle bells jingle bells UZworld: copy right copy right no money for you

    David VegaDavid Vega16 kun oldin
  • love it

    Diane GiganteDiane Gigante18 kun oldin
  • Stop growing so fast fresh!!!

    GokuGoku18 kun oldin
  • Fresh: nOoOo wE GoT BanNeD Me: Kicked* Fresh: We May Have Got Banned But- Me: KiKcEdDdD!* Also Me-: CaN YoU NoT TeLL ThE DeFeReNcE ReEeEE-

    Bailey AugustBailey August19 kun oldin
  • THICC button

    Adrian KapeelAdrian Kapeel20 kun oldin
  • Fresh: we only live once everyone Reality: me after clutching in the gulag

    Owen NappiOwen Nappi23 kun oldin
  • 4:25 R.I.P. lil’ gingy

    Max EvansMax Evans23 kun oldin
  • Become the thickest mandolian in fortnite lov ur vids

    White Water WomanWhite Water Woman24 kun oldin
  • Usual people when they get banned: shit I got banned welp time to un-install Fresh when he gets banned: *laughs* this will make a good video

    Luke SatherLuke Sather24 kun oldin

    ReetReet24 kun oldin
  • Don’t do it he is way too close to the edge noooooooo! 8:41

    Enter meme hereEnter meme here25 kun oldin
  • I've watched this video 1 million times BC of lazarbeams singing

    Kiana CorbettKiana Corbett25 kun oldin
  • The ending is the best

    Kristaps GarozaKristaps Garoza25 kun oldin

    Youssif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9oYoussif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9o26 kun oldin

    Youssif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9oYoussif Lmkojuýyylanelli poop 9o26 kun oldin
  • lol the very last second of the vid made my day

    Zachary ValliathZachary Valliath26 kun oldin
  • Hey fresh i used your code while geting the bhangra boogie🤩

    yapheteltravieso fuck my broyapheteltravieso fuck my bro26 kun oldin
  • true

    Bxltz _FishyBxltz _Fishy26 kun oldin
  • Imagine watching this on night

    kalluri Rohithkalluri Rohith26 kun oldin
  • whats up guys YES!!!!!!!!

    Angel Villalobos-RodriguezAngel Villalobos-Rodriguez27 kun oldin
  • I wish is was apart of this

    Ilikeyourcutg *slaps head*Ilikeyourcutg *slaps head*28 kun oldin
  • merry crismes fresh

    Petar PetreskiPetar Petreski29 kun oldin
  • Haha

    Jonathan VandenHeuvelJonathan VandenHeuvel29 kun oldin
  • Jingle Bells, Lannan smells Fresh laid and egg, The UZworldr lost his wheels And the Steamer got away!

    Spectral GameBoySpectral GameBoy29 kun oldin
  • I love fresh voice crack

    Richard StocktonRichard Stockton29 kun oldin

    Vloxi YtVloxi YtOy oldin
  • I use code Lazar

    Jayden KilburnJayden KilburnOy oldin
  • 'Banned' now means teaming?

    Fabio DelducaFabio DelducaOy oldin

    Sion JxySion JxyOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas

    Logan ChisholmLogan ChisholmOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas tomorrow

    Logan ChisholmLogan ChisholmOy oldin
  • I felt bad for the fish stick at the end

    Jacey AldabaJacey AldabaOy oldin
  • Dashing through the sand with a bomb strapped to my back, I have plans for Christmas in Iraq, I got to checkpoint A, but not to checkpoint B, I got shot in the butt my the US military, oh jingle bombs jingle bombs

    Just a random YouTube channelJust a random YouTube channelOy oldin
    • By the US military

      Just a random YouTube channelJust a random YouTube channelOy oldin
  • this is how many people landed retail row v

    marcus mullenmarcus mullenOy oldin
  • I Just noticed, Fresh's main skin looks like a lego ninja 😂-

    Jayde CoblerJayde CoblerOy oldin
  • did you know you can moonwalk with that emote? all you have to do is walk backwards or press and hold your backward key lightly and you'll be moonwalking :)

    Don BarzeyDon BarzeyOy oldin
  • Epic games watching this •-•. -_-

    Funtime & FriendsFuntime & FriendsOy oldin
  • Lazar be hitting them high notes 🎶

    LillianOnYTLillianOnYTOy oldin
  • 7:19 Lannan's scream 😂

    immortal 857keyimmortal 857keyOy oldin
  • so is no one going to talk about Lazars poem skills

    Josue VelasquezJosue VelasquezOy oldin
  • Get kicked for having 5 members but 50... 50 we accept 😂😂😂

    star strikestar strikeOy oldin

    Calvin O'GradyCalvin O'GradyOy oldin
  • XBOX!

    Merlin ShenMerlin ShenOy oldin
  • i did that but didn''t get banned

    tortoise tubetortoise tubeOy oldin
  • U got banned for using the emote the correct way....

    C MBC MBOy oldin
  • (6:34) who else saw lanan die?

    EXA TauntyEXA TauntyOy oldin
  • Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    Phillip seawardPhillip seawardOy oldin
  • Lazar beam should go to the got talent he’s insane at singing

    RipperRipperOy oldin
  • Lannan is a good story teller 💯

    Yovanys Legon JimenezYovanys Legon JimenezOy oldin
  • Wassup guys yes.

    Cole BranniganCole BranniganOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas ☃️🎄☃️ LAZAR

    Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninOy oldin
    • Jk

      Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninOy oldin
    • Happy Asian holidays fresh

      Jimmy LuffninJimmy LuffninOy oldin
  • Hi

    Jeane DroverJeane DroverOy oldin
  • Use code Lazar :)

    SummerSummerOy oldin
  • Corporate to Fresh: Corporate needs you to find the difference between these two pictures Corporate: Shows the word **fat** and **thicc** Fresh: They're the same picture

    YÆßØI HooplaYÆßØI HooplaOy oldin
  • Willy Wonka PS5 lake so I am I get it Humvee so grateful but if I don't get it I still like your videos

    Elizandro RodriguezElizandro RodriguezOy oldin
  • i saw all of this on lazars stream and im proud

    idkwhattoputhereidkwhattoputhereOy oldin
  • I'm gonna comment every day till Christmas day1

    Xx_hyperzoomx_xXXx_hyperzoomx_xXOy oldin
  • its offical fortnite is dead

    nancy armstrongnancy armstrongOy oldin
  • THE END THO😂😂😂

    Victor NoketVictor NoketOy oldin
  • Fresh is reading the bible

    Safia BiSafia BiOy oldin
  • Now this was a completely random event lmao

    Tyrone SorraTyrone SorraOy oldin
  • hi

    Abdullah AlghamdiAbdullah AlghamdiOy oldin

    WrekkneyezWrekkneyezOy oldin
  • Oi fresh just into party Royale

    FluffySocks3672FluffySocks3672Oy oldin

    Yusha VawdaYusha VawdaOy oldin

    Moominlangerz Does StuffMoominlangerz Does StuffOy oldin
  • The Nog ops huha

    Brian_dogwater1Brian_dogwater1Oy oldin
  • Hi

    PapiRavixzPapiRavixzOy oldin
  • Sing this with the jingle bells We come here we are copyright is or present dashing through youtube looking for copyriiiiiight lazarbeam has that a looooot we are sooo cool with copyright ......copyright copyright is copyright we are getting copyright just for christmas cheer hey

    MS BinamicMS BinamicOy oldin
  • Epic if you can here me don’t ban fresh please

    Jeff TuckerJeff TuckerOy oldin
  • Thank you random guy that was singing

    Jeff TuckerJeff TuckerOy oldin
  • Who won the giveaway

    Marv CunninghamMarv CunninghamOy oldin
  • 7:51 maybe she or he is a epic employee

    Azubike MojikeAzubike MojikeOy oldin
  • LOL Lazarbeam freakout 7:18

    Matt- A- MationsMatt- A- MationsOy oldin
  • They should ban the sweats that shot at them

    Lieutenant ChickenLieutenant ChickenOy oldin
  • da fishy boi killed emself

    ESz JJxzsESz JJxzsOy oldin
  • wow

    ESz JJxzsESz JJxzsOy oldin
  • Clickbait

    William RushingWilliam RushingOy oldin
  • I’m literally laughing out loud rn- look at 1:52 😂😂

    Ryan GheeslingRyan GheeslingOy oldin
  • I love how fresh and lannan do all there vids together they should make a dual Chanel called fresh n’ lazar

    Tjpiro_ 1Tjpiro_ 1Oy oldin
  • Do the 1 hp challenge

    harrison orrharrison orrOy oldin
  • you guys got kicked

    William LoyaWilliam LoyaOy oldin
  • Lazar beam comes to the door then hundreds of 4 year old screaming there heads off

    fojo24fojo24Oy oldin
  • Now we know the storyline of how so much snow got in retail row

    Baby YodaBaby YodaOy oldin
  • Dear Fresh, Bruh Sincerely, Donald Mustard -Epic Games

    Huberto FloresHuberto FloresOy oldin
  • i subbed to your other channel

    CRXred F4THCRXred F4THOy oldin
  • This is clickbait

    Jim LernaJim LernaOy oldin
  • (1 hour after the video gets posted) All of lazerbeams fans go's to his house sing 😂🤣😂

    MastheGamer1411MastheGamer1411Oy oldin
  • Who was here when it was first titled something else that I forgot what it was named

    Cooper LevinCooper LevinOy oldin
  • Kinda happy they got banned 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 HA 😂

    carey faulknercarey faulknerOy oldin
  • I’m sorry you guys got banned

    Aiden NykoliationAiden NykoliationOy oldin
  • You guys should have just went into a creative game

    XR DrumsyXR DrumsyOy oldin
  • Epic be like: jingle Bell, jingle Bell, you go straight to hell

    Conrad op _Conrad op _Oy oldin
  • I'm gay gay writes

    Jackie RogersJackie RogersOy oldin